GOVT: Vaccinate all 45+ in 2 weeks in states seeing surge

Thursday, April 1, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: today vaccinations, have opened up for everybody who's above the age of 45 and till now that age group between 45 to 60 was supposed to get a medical certificate about their co-morbidity but that is no longer a requirement from today at vaccination sites like these this one is at the max super speciality hospital in Saket this is the vaccination room.

where a lot of people have been coming in since morning and special arrangements being made for vaccinations also for a lot more people will be coming in so I have dr seher Qureshi with me she is the medical superintendent here at this hospital and we'll speak to her with her for more my first question to you is with now vaccinations being opened up to a much bigger category 

what are the special arrangements you are making is the additional staff or you know work hours have been changed how are you preparing for this new phase so as from today onwards we'll be vaccinating people above 45 without any co mobility also so we are all geared up for the same our infrastructure is all set the 10 sites are working and we have all the manpower in place for the same the inoculators.

the people who will be entering in the data in the cohen app and at any given time on any given day even our time is from 9am to 9pm so the 12-hour cycle is there so the main idea is it should be a comfort for everybody they can come at their ease get them vaccinated and the maximum people should take the benefit and at any given day we can easily vaccinate 2000 people. 

so that's our you know and we can even go beyond that so we are ever ready for it we want more people to come in the number and get themselves vaccinated thank you mom thank you so much for speaking to us so that is dr kureshi telling us but also the beneficiaries people who've just received the jabs people who are in this category for whom vaccinations have opened up from today

 so from you, we'd like to know your name absolutely foreign that many of his family members have been vaccinated already today he also came here to get his jab and feeling and is feeling absolutely fine after getting vaccinated and is encouraging others also to come forward and get vaccinated

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