Gmail Tips & Tricks: How to Chat, Make Video Calls and Create Groups in Gmail

Saturday, April 24, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: Gmail offers pretty basic features inside its app. but from now on you will be able to do a lot more, as the company has brought together all of its communication services under one roof. which means you can now use google needs, google chats, and even rooms, inside the Gmail app. you will no longer have to switch between tabs or use these services separately. 

all you need to do is just activate this new Gmail experience and get started you. will then see "four tabs at the bottom" instead of two earlier, and you can then make video calls, chat, with your friends or even share files drive files inside the Gmail app. now these features were already available for Gmail enterprise users. and now they are being made available for personal account holders. 

so you can try them out on your "android device or pc" but since this is a new google product. iPhone users have to wait for a while to get this feature. now here's a simple guide, on how to activate your new Gmail experience and get started. now before I begin with the steps let me "first explain them to you."

what these new options are actually for so the first one is the usual Gmail then, the second is chat, which can be used for individual or group conversations. you can also use, this to share drive files send pictures or videos, now the third tab is rooms. which is quite similar to the previous tab chat the only difference is you cannot chat with an individual person on this tab, you will have to create rooms.

now the fourth tab is meet. where you can start or attend video calls using a code. now here's how you can activate this new Gmail experience open the Gmail app, on your android phone. and tap the hamburger menu, at the left side of the screen and scroll to the bottom you will find. the settings option at the end then tap that and you will be shown these three options. 

now choose your Gmail account, and select chat, early access under general a new popup, will open tab try it now Gmail will restart automatically. and you will see four tabs at the bottom if you wish to chat on Gmail you can then go to chat and type the name of the person you want to start chatting with and it's done. 

now let's try to do this on a laptop first visit the Gmail settings menu. you will see the settings menu. of your Gmail with a bunch of options under chat click, google chat early access instead of classic hangouts a pop-up box will open on your screen then click try it just

the same way we did on the android phone. and then click save changes, now Gmail will automatically reload. itself and you will see the new chat, and room options, in the left sidebar, you can click chat. and start chatting do drop a comment. and tell me if you're going to try this new Gmail experience.

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