Didn't Ask Facebook To Drop #ResignModi​, Report "Mischievous" Government

Thursday, April 29, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: Facebook, inc blocked posts tagged resigned Modi. before restoring them hours. later stoking a controversy that's erupted over government requests, to remove social media content, as India grapples with escalating covid crisis Facebook, said it bought the hashtag by mistake and not at the behest of the government without elaborating facebook periodically blocks hashtags. for a variety of reasons some manually but many also based on automated internal guidelines, the error stemmed from content associated with the label and not the hashtag itself the spokesperson has added.

the hours-long block, which came ahead of the final phase of lawmaker elections. in a key state and effectively wiped post calling on "prime minister Narendra Modi to resign" follows public outrage and official efforts to curb content critical of the way his government has handled the pandemic this year the country established new rules that require the likes of Facebook and Twitter inc to take down unlawful content quicker triggering a debate over freedom of speech.

 in the world's largest democracy. we temporarily blocked, this hashtag by mistake, not because the Indian government asked us to and has since restored it, a Facebook company spokesperson said the government has also responded to the Facebook row asserting. that the government has not issued, any direction to remove, this hashtag, and Facebook has clarified. that it was removed by mistake now even though Facebook has clarified that the government didn't ask them to block this hashtag. and that it was some sort of mistake.

what is the government's defense this time around, well the government says it's very clear, that the story, which was filed by the wall street journal is totally you know it's a divide of the affairs and "misleading" one fact and all the government also said it's mischievous in the intent because it says that the government has not issued any direction to remove this hashtag this particular hashtag which was removed by the Facebook? and the Facebook is also clarified? 

that it was removed by the mistake, and so the government is very clearly saying that these kind of reports are not true and not correct in the Facebook has also clarified, that it has it was removed by mistake and which was restored after the mistake was realized but it is important to note that last week only the government had asked the Twitter to remove certain posts which were controversial and which were misleading as the government claims they saying that you. know these posts were trying to create misinformation regarding the covet pandemic and that is why Twitter was asked to remove this certain post though the critic there is this criticism about the government that these posts were critical in nature and that's why they were removed.

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