CRPF Soldier Kidnapped By Maoists After Ambush In Chhattisgarh Released

Thursday, April 8, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: a commando kidnapped by Maoist rebels after a deadly encounter in Chhattisgarh on Saturday in which 22 soldiers were killed and 31 injured has been released after more than a hundred hours in captivity, rakheshwar Singh manhattan of the 210 commando battalion of the cobra division was taken hostage by MAOIs following 

the gun battle that had lasted almost three hours in a rebel stronghold in the bijapu district he was freed by the Maoists after a team of two eminent people including a person from the tribal community was nominated by the state government to secure his release now for the Vedic test on this anarch this is fantastic. 

one person over there did manage to get out and he is alive how did the government the police forces secure his release, yes Vishnu after almost a hundred hours of the 210 cobra battalion was released in front of hundreds of villagers and in this release 91-year-old Padma Shri Dharmapala seni a well-known tribal activist and thalam buraya leader of the Gondwana tribe 

there they have played an instrumental role along with a few of the journalists' local journalists from Bastar and they have secured his release and two officials from the chhatris government Chhattisgarh government were also there I remember a few days back his daughter also released an emotional video appealing, 

to the nexus to release his father's but in the meanwhile, all the authorities there including crpf and the police personnel were you know always used to say that they don't have they still need they're still verifying the claims made by the nexus because they have also released a press release and they also called up for the local journalists saying that 

if the government appoints you to know intermediaries they then they can think of releasing the crp of japan and finally, it has happened almost after 100 hours all right so that's fantastic news for the family of that jaw, unfortunately, he is back he's safe but the loss of lives in this particular encounter in Chhattisgarh horrific at 22 jawans who have been killed of police forces and of the crpf as well

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