Covid news: Grieving families in India fight doctors as beds line up inside crowded hospitals

Thursday, April 29, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: first the grief, now the fury this was the alarming scene outside of Delhi hospital. as the family of a 62-year-old woman vented their anger at medical staff for not admitting her she died because the health system has collapsed into chaos footage filmed for us inside one hospital by a doctor shows how desperate. the situation has become the gasps and groans of seriously. 

ill-covid patients waiting in the corridor here at least they are getting oxygen many more outside are dying we are weeping we are crying we are helpless sometimes when we are not getting resources it is not the problem of doctors are doing their duty 24 into seven if oxygen is not supplying in the hospital. is it the fault of the doctor is not the fault doctor there is precious little time for the rituals of death and mourning at the crematorium the bodies, are arriving every minute of every hour many think the toll is far greater than the more. 

than 3.000 per day, officially acknowledged those who have the grim task of transporting the dead or dying are themselves taking huge risks Nitish Kumar earns. a meager wage, from families who pay him to try and find a hospital bed or crematorium, and he's reached breaking point so great is the burden that flower beds are being turned into funeral pyres in the parks as India struggles. to cope with this great wave of loss cremations, here are up tenfold since the beginning of the month are even beginning to run out of wood these searing images should act as a warning. to us, all that covid-19 can return with vicious rapidity, to turn a crisis into a nightmare down rivers.

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