Covid-19 News: Supreme Court Adjourns Case On Oxygen Emergency Till April 27

Friday, April 23, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: now amid, a shortage of oxygen supply, in the country the supreme court has agreed to hear Vedanta's plea for the opening of its Sterlite copper unit at Tamilnadu's duty Kerala as the company would produce a thousand tons of oxygen and give it free of cost to treat covid-19 patients.

the latest development in Tamilnadu opposes the opening of a sterile satellite plant. the state says it will create law and order problems the "chief justice of India" says we have no problem if the Tamilnadu government takes over the plant. the supreme court directs Tamil Nadu to file an affidavit and it will be taken up on Monday, what happened during the hearing there are two issues, one as for the straight light plant in Tamilnadu is concerned.

a chief justice was quite categorical saying, that when people are dying in their dire need of oxygen whether it's Vedanta ABC somebody should run it because is supposed to say that citing the 2018  incident. where more people died against the protests. against the streetlight plan, which is owned by Vedanta? 

so Tamilnadu government said lawn, motor problem, will be there they don't want to open it but the court said if Tamilnadu can run it it's well and good so they it directed the government to respond by Monday. so that whether the plan can be run by Tamilnadu. which produces thousand metric tons of oxygen and secondly as for the other issue is concerned taking out yesterday. 

the supreme court wanted a national plan from the government on few issues, like oxygen supply, essential drug supply, for covid also the management and manner in which the vaccination can be done throughout the "nation so central government" wanted to time till Tuesday supreme court agreed. 

but in between a lot of heated exchanges went between the lawyers and the three judgments headed by the chief justice because yesterday there were a few lawyers open saying that the supreme court should not take away the cases from the high courts. which is being heard? by them right from Bombay, Delhi, and few other high courts across the country. 

so chief justice was saying that the "intention of the supreme court" was only on the interstate movement of the oxygen. just this year nageshwara, who is part of the bench said that it's very absurd people are talking like that the two senior advocates, who should protect the institution and court, never said anything against high courts, and a third judge justice Ravindra but also said that court never stole the I court from hearing. it so anyway port said that it will take up the case on tuesday right.

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