Covid-19 News: Car A "Public Place" Mask Must Even If Driving Alone Delhi High Court

Thursday, April 8, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: 4 petitions were filed in the Delhi High Court. On 7th April, Justice Prathiba M Singh reviewed the petitions. They were challenging the collection of fines for not wearing a mask in public. Singh dismissed all petitions. It is now mandatory to wear masks in Delhi. 

Petitioners challenged wearing of masks in cars when the driver is alone. The court said just like masks are mandatory in public places, it will be mandatory in cars even if the person is alone. The judge said when a person is alone in the car and stop at a red light, 

they roll down their mirrors to chat with people, beggars, food vendors, etc. In this way, the virus can spread if the driver has not worn the mask. Sometimes people spit and spread the virus. This is why it is best to wear a mask. The judge dismissed the petitions. 

The court even rebuked the lawyers for accepting such a case. They said the lawyers should advice the petitioners to wear a mask. It said if lawyers do this then people will follow their example. This will keep Delhi safe and contain the cases.

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