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Sunday, April 25, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: So there is no access to information. Are you satisfied with the COVID-19 situation portrayed on the TV? No, I am not satisfied at all. You see for yourself here, you’ll only see dead patients. The backyard is worse. 

Why do you think the TV is not highlighting the situation? Because everything is collapsed, sir. Nothing is proper. If the government knew about the pandemic, why didn’t they pay any attention? The government is doing rallies. 

They’ll play petty politics. But people are dying here, right? The common man is dying here. People who have money and connections they are getting saved. What is the government doing? NOTHING. They spend in useless projects. 

They made Sardar Patel's Statue... If they had made hospitals instead, so many lives would have been saved in this situation. If the BJP didn’t make the house that they made for themselves and instead made hospitals, the money wouldn’t have gone to waste. 

These projects are useless for us now. No oxygen cylinders at one hospital and no beds in the other. People are running from one hospital to another. We can clearly see the flaws in the infrastructure. We cannot give excuses for lack of money. 

If you remember, on 27th March PM CARES fund was launched. The donation amounted to 3000 crores on the first day itself. But political parties are busy in rallies. You can notice the attitude of the ministers. Corpses are falling, and they’re celebrating.

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