China suspends cargo flights with COVID-19 supplies to India Sichuan Airlines

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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The News Cover: as India deals, with a deadly second wave of the corona, while pandemic 'nations across the globe are coming to the country's aid a few days back, china had offered assistance to India. but when it came to walking the talk Beijing has done. the exact opposite instead of coming to "India's aid it has suspended cargo flights to India carrying crucial medical supplies china's state-run Sichuan airlines has suspended all its cargo flights to India for the next 15 days". 

a move that has disrupted efforts to procure oxygen concentrators and other medical supplies cargo flights have been suspended on six routes including Xi'an to Delhi. it comes as private traders from both sides, try to obtain crucial oxygen concentrators from china according to airlines. the move is in order to reduce and I quote the number of imported virus cases 

I encode the suspension of flights comes as a surprise to many Chinese cargo flights that have been operational throughout, the pandemic and this suspension hampers, life-saving oxygen supplies. which will now be rerouted through Singapore and other countries there are also complaints of Chinese manufacturers checking up their prices by 35 to 40 percent. 

the freight charges have also been increased to over 20 percent authorities believe, that Chinese suppliers are checking up prices to cash in, on the pandemic emergency, Chinese action does not come as a surprise. the same story played out last year, as well when china sent faulty rapid, test kits, to India in 2020. new Delhi ordered states to stop their use and return all testing kits. after they showed a wide variety of results, as opposed to the manufacturer's claims. 

when it comes to China. the narrative remains almost, the same it is just the players, that change throughout 2020 as countries around the world, fought the pandemic china became the largest manufacturer and exporter of medical equipment. and protective gear, acute shortage, of essential medical supplies forced countries, to look at china for help and Beijing chose to cash in on vulnerable and desperate nations rather than playing its part in the global fight against the virus.

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