BJP Alleges Large Number Of Fake Voters In Tirupati Lok Sabha Bypoll

Sunday, April 18, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: bjp and john Cena and Andhra Pradesh, are demanding the counter mounting, of the Tirupati looks. about bipoles they're alleging bogus voting on a massive scale video put out. by the Telugu Desam and the bjp suggests, 

the people from other areas have been mobilized and brought in vehicles to cast fake boats by impersonating other women they say apparently mobilize in large numbers according to the bjp candidate Ratna Prabha." who was formerly chief secretary of Karnataka" and joined the party recently supporters of the bjp candidate Panabaker Lakshmi, 

have also shared videos of her catching people, who they claim catching them red-handed, and the police have been seen sending away 'suspected voters without detaining' them. for questioning all this they say caught on camera this is a very big area of bjp sympathizers. educated people and we could see a lot of people from outside coming rigging. 

trying to do fake, double voting, when they saw us they all ran away they are demanding a report. in this entire three polling stations, because in the absence of our polling agents. how can a fair and smooth election be held?

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