Bihar farmer's 1lakh-kg Hop Shoots Vegetable Farm News fake

Sunday, April 11, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: Recently ISH News and many other news channels had shared a story about a vegetable growing in Bihar’s Aurangabad district which was sold for Rs 1 lakh/kg. You may remember that it was called Hop Shoots. 

The farmer growing it was Amresh Singh. The videos about this expensive and healthy vegetable went viral. Dainik Jagran newspaper went to interview Singh to learn more about how he was growing such an expensive vegetable. 

During the interview, Singh kept misleading the reporters about the location of the farm. Despite asking for clarification, the farmer kept spinning stories. They realized that his claims of growing the crop were fake. Villagers confirmed that Singh merely wanted to show off to attract attention and his claims were fake. 

Even the Agriculture Department has cleared the air by saying Singh is not growing Hop Shoots. Amresh Singh has grown black rice and wheat in the past and not hop shoots. The news about Hop Shoots being the most expensive vegetable and its benefits are true but it is not being grown in Bihar. The farmer was merely trying to show off.

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