Bengal Election 2021: Final Phase Of Bengal Polls Today As Covid Cases Hit Record High

Thursday, April 29, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: Bengal is polling for the eighth and final phase. of the longest ever assembly elections, anywhere in the country for 33 days, Bengal has been on the vote. mode amid a covid surge that has killed 77 people in the state, in the last 24 hours, and infected over 16,000 people, in fact, four candidates have died, of covid several others are covid hit, and the wife of a covid victim has accused the election commission of murder, amid all this 35 seat poll today. 

but let's go across to the seats, that is polling and also a relief, for everyone in the state as this long-drawn election is finally. over today, yes indeed I mean it's you know the whole excitement and the joy of a vote and then looking forward, to the elections honestly. that has been overshadowed by the covid surge in Kolkata in Bengal, and of course in the rest of the country Delhi, Maharashtra, start with but nevertheless voters, are out I'm in Kolkata today, though there is voting going, on in several districts. as well beer boom, Malda, Murshidabad, as well as remember Shital kuchi, the place where there was firing on the 10th of April that left four people dead, shitholekuchi is also voting today.

so actually a total of 36 seats going. to the polls now, in the meantime the covid impact let me show you lines of people everywhere in Kolkata though in the last phase polling percentages, have been down people are out in strength determined to vote however the covid impact of the elections of being felt every day. you know that yesterday a "woman Nandita Sinha she filed a complaint against the election commission, itself accusing it of murder." because her husband kajal Sinha died during the elections of covid. 

he was the trinomial candidate, from karda other than that an independent. has passed away also from covid up in Malda, at a seat called Nagar but because he's an independent, and not representative of her recognized political party that vote is continuing today. so Shamir Ghosh, the fourth victim candidate, in the elections of covid yet another very prominent leader "Sri Rupa Chaudhary she is the bjp candidate from also Malda's English bazaar, she has been admitted to the hospital yesterday with covid" and is under treatment.

so covid, has had a huge impact as you can see everybody masked up to come and vote other than that very key phase this 35 seats 36 if you count shitokuchi again 2016-2019 assembly elections parliamentary elections good for the bjp they increased their whole share they increased the number of seats, in which they were leading what will they get this time that is the big question but really today with exit polls coming in this evening an election result on Sunday not much of a weight left to that crucial question who is winning back to you?

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