90-Year-Old Man Recovers from COVID-19

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

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The News Cover: COVID-19 figures in Maharashtra are witnessing an upward trend. A 90-year old man named Pandurang Atmaram Agave, from the Beed district in Maharashtra has beaten the deadly Covid infection twice. Let me tell you about him. 

He first contracted coronavirus infection in November 2020. He then underwent treatment at a government hospital in Kej. Here he recovered within a short span of 10 days. During that time, his symptoms were not that bad and he could recover quickly. He got infected the second time in April 2021. 

but this time it took longer for him to recover. His son Vishnu said, "Fortunately my father has no other health problems and recovered twice from Covid. This was because he lived a very clean and healthy lifestyle. He had a strong immunity which is why he could recover." When asked the secret of beating the disease twice, Pandurang said, "There is no secret. 

I go for walks regularly which has helped me live a stress-free and healthy life. Youngsters today are easily turning towards addictions like smoking, drinking, etc, and don't exercise to keep fit. This is creating problems. I am healthy because of the regular walks." When I was taken to the hospital, 

I saw people dying and suffering, I did not let the stress get to me. I managed to stay positive." He also said, "I was given oxygen but I did not take any stress. I stayed positive and concentrated on my health and diet." Doctors were inspired by his calm and positive demeanor.

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