85-year-old RSS Worker Vacates Hospital Bed For Young Patient, Dies At Home

Thursday, April 29, 2021

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The News Cover: India is facing a spike in the number of coronavirus cases. For the past few weeks, the country has been reporting lots of deaths daily. Due to the increase in the number of cases, there is nonavailability of hospital beds, shortage of Oxygen cylinders and medicine, etc. During this health crisis, an 85-year-old man has shown sacrifice and courage. Let me tell you what sacrifice he made. Narayan Dabhalkar an 85-year-old man was an employee of the Maharashtra government and a member of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). 

Dabhalkar had contracted Covid-19 and his oxygen levels were dropping. His daughter and son-in-law found a hospital bed for him with a lot of effort. He was admitted to the Indira Gandhi Government Hospital in Nagpur on 22nd April. Sometime after being admitted, he saw a woman inquiring for a bed to save her COVID-infected husband. The hospital authorities refused to admit him because there were no empty beds. Dabhalkar decided to vacate his bed for the woman's husband. It was surprising to know that a 85 year old was vacating the bed for another man. 

Dabhalkar said, "I am 85. I have a short life ahead. I have lived my life well. The woman's husband is 40. He has a long life ahead. So I want to vacate my bed to save his life. The shocked doctor agreed but asked them for a written statement. He writes and gave that he was willingly vacating the bed for another patient. Despite dipping oxygen levels, Dabhalkar went against the medical advice of the doctors and opted to give the bed to the 40-year-old man. 

The octogenarian then called his daughter and told her about the situation. According to the daughter, they had got the bed after a lot of effort but then Dabhalkar had said he has lived his life. The 40-year-old man has a long life ahead and has the responsibility of his family and children. Dabhalkar said that his children had grown up and preferred to spend his last moments with the family. Dabhalkar was brought home and three days later, he died at his home. 

After his death, news of Dabhalkar's act of sacrifice to save another person's life went viral. Shocking isn't it! Mr. Dabhalkar has died, but his act will remain immortal. A salute to him. I just told you the story of Mr. Dabhalkar's sacrifice. However, there were some news reports that said that the incident never happened & the story was fake. The doctor in charge of the hospital said that Mr. Dabhalkar was admitted on 22nd April. During the treatment, doctors informed the relatives that if his condition deteriorates, he will have to be moved to a different hospital. 

The family agreed. After some time the family returned and sought his discharge. The hospital doesn't know the reason. The news about him giving up his bed is fake. Mr. Dabhadkar’s daughter was upset with the news of the story being fake. Mr. Dabhalkar’s daughter released a video clearing the doubts. In the video, she said that her father being treated at the hospital is completely true. While being treated, he heard the chaos of people looking for a bed. That is when he decided to vacate his bed saying he has already lived a full life. She said that the story was absolutely true.

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