2 Children Dead In Fire In Noida Nearly 150 Huts Caught In Flames

Sunday, April 11, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: a massive fire broke, out near Noida's texture 63 today after, which the police and fire officials rushed. to the spot, several huts caught fire, because of unknown reasons in the balloon village area in Noida. 

several people from Noida, took to Twitter to share videos, and pictures, from the fire thick clouds of smoke, could be seen rising high in the air from different areas of the city, what's the situation, what is the situation now, well at the moment I'm here at the spot where a fire massive fire broke out, at this sector 63 in Noida. 

where several, and when I say several I mean at least 14 to 1500 people establishment. here at this area which got a massive fire, the officials have now confirmed. to me the bodies of two children, have been recovered so far, and that an investigation of force. 

is on at the spot but the fire has of course been doused, but there are pockets and parts in the entire area where the fire is still on at a very minute level but people are still here fearing that they would be you know there would be more casualties. but they're only clearing that there could be more casualties but at the moment the fire has been doused in comparison. to when it started right but the officials have confirmed confirming to me that the bodies of two children have been recovered.

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