Why suicide cases have gone up in Japan? Appoints ‘Loneliness’ Minister to tackle suicides

Sunday, March 14, 2021

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The News Cover: In Japan, because of the lockdown, older Japanese people were feeling isolated. They weren't able to socialize with other seniors because of the lockdown. Since they did not know how to use Zoom or messengers, they felt even more isolated. 

After their daily routines, they had nothing to do. They were stressed & lonely. This was the condition of many senior citizens in Japan. Even youngsters who enjoyed socializing suffered during the lockdown. 

Despite being able to video call, they missed the feeling of meeting people in person. This led to them becoming lonely. In schools and colleges, kids could meet their friends and enjoy. But that could not be done during the lockdown and it led to a lot of anxiety. People were laid off as companies shut down. 

This led to a lot of stress among many. Citizens of Japan were failing to make ends meet. In the last 11 years, the rate of suicides were low. But now for the first time in 11 years, there has been a huge increase in suicides because of the emotional stress and isolation during the pandemic. Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said that this is a serious problem and it needs to be solved. 

He also said that, women are more lonely and prone to committing suicide. This is why he appointed Tetsushi Sakamoto, as Japan’s first Loneliness Minister who will be responsible to find solutions for this problem. 

Sakamoto will come up with ideas to help Japanese battle loneliness, and promote happiness and positivity. This is not the first time. Earlier the United Kingdom in 2018 had appointed a Loneliness Minister. Similarly, now Japan has appointed a lonliness minister in 2021 who will help promote positivity in the nation.

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