West Bengal Elections 26 Of 30 Seats In Bengal Phase 1 Polls Voted For Trinamool In 2016

Saturday, March 27, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: over 73 lakh voters from five districts all over purulia and jargram and parts of bangkura west medinapur east midnapore will vote in around 10 200 booths in this first phase of the elections in bengal of the 30 seats in bengal the bjp is contesting 29. one has been given to the all jharkhand students union the trinimul is contesting 29 and will support an independent candidate, for the other seat the congress is contesting only five seats and its finally in this bengal election 

that's been a very shrill election in the lead-up and you have the bjp there you know challenging the trinimula congress what are the reports so far well the report so far is like as usual in Bengal huge turnouts already at polling stations you know waiting from early in the morning to try and get and get their vote early before it gets really hot remember 

the areas that are voting today 30 seats are in the jungle mahal area a lot of the seats also eastern west and these are really hot arid districts and there are concerns about the temperatures rising in the afternoon and so huge turnouts already but then that's always been the case in Bengal people make an early start of voting and you always had about 80 plus of turnout and that is already indicated today

now what is important about this particular phase and remember we are voting in eight phases and this is just the first phase the 30 seats that are going to oppose are very very contentious you know in 2016 the cinema over here these seats had just as many as 20 60. so you would have thought that this was the complete trinomial bastion but in 2019 the bjp managed to upset that and they led in the 2019 parliamentary elections 

the bjp led in 20 out of the 30 assembly segments and therefore we see hugely contentious there is also a fair amount of tension and that's simply because many of the polling stations are deep inside forests to remote villages and huge security bundles have been put in place to ensure no untoward incident parts of you know jungle mahal area war mowers dominated last night there was an incident of a vehicle of the election commission being set on fire at combined one now in Purulia.

we don't really know what happened but initial reports were that come you know marched people came and kept the vehicle on fire and so there are these tensions of probable violence and therefore what is significant is the huge deployment of security forces in this phase 730 companies for 30 seats I mean that is quite something else I really wanted to ask Rasmussen how many companies of craft they have in for 47 feet polling today in that state in Bengal 713 that's huge hopefully things will pass peacefully.
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