West Bengal: 7-Year-Old Killed In Crude Bomb Blast in Rasikpur area in East Burdwan

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: a seven-year-old boy, has died, in a bomb blast in Burdwan in West Bengal and an eight-year-old friend of his seriously injured boys found a ball-like object, which exploded when they threw it! it onto the ground very very sad indeed. 

this how sad that a child would die in this manner is this a link to some explosives which was set up you know during this election season well the election commission certainly wants to find out more about this incident because they sought a report from Delhi from the West Bengal government, and the chief secretary has this evening sent a report to the CEO, who whose office has sent it on to the election commission, explaining the circumstances at least a kind of prima facie report on what happened again repeating?

what we learned earlier in the day that there were some ball-like objects lying in an area in bird one and the children picked it up thinking it, was just another ball, and they probably heard it to the ground nobody is sure but when they did there was an explosion there are claims of course, that there was two explosions net result.

the seven-year-old child was virtually dead on the spot in a very gruesome fashion the eight-year-old has been rushed to the Burdwan medical college hospital for treatment the area is tense people are angry and agitated that something like this should happen and the election commission wants to know if there's you know where did the bombs come from who was responsible for their presence in a public place or anywhere as a matter of fact,

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