school and college students streets in Delhi to protest against climate crisis

Sunday, March 21, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: several schools and college students, took to the streets in the national capital to protest against climate inaction the march organized by Fridays for the future over the last few months in the recent past you would have seen several students from schools and colleges across major cities, across the country, 

come out on 'the streets to protest and to voice their concerns regarding one topic and that topic is climate several students from schools and colleges have gathered since about 3 pm they marched from to the Delhi secretariat they were stopped in the between or they halted for a while they did a sit-in protest because they didn't have for the permission. 

Now they are outside the Delhi secretariat come to you first ma'am you're a parent yourself amongst the students and children here what is your name where have you come from and why do you think this is all-important so I'm having Kandahar and you, know we're here obviously for our children and their future as you know as we stand in the most "polluted capital"

 this is the third consecutive year that we've been given this tag of the most polluted capital of the world right and there is just no-no or you know respite to it and as you know that every second when you're breathing no matter,

how much I can wash my vegetables and clean my kitchens and food and water my children are still breathing that toxic poison every second so this is a concern that I think every parent has or must have my issue is like for the whole country and the like center government or all the authorities I just want to say one thing we are the future generation of this country and in this movement, 

we are here to stay we will stay here till our demands are heard and until the time the government listens to us we are asking for the most basic right the right to breathe and if the government all they care about is votes let me remind them we are the future generation and next elections we will be voting so if they do not listen to us right now.

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