scanner 600 crore tax Suspects 25 Crore Tax Evasion By taapsee pannu And Her Company

Thursday, March 4, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: the tax rates, that are being conducted on our celebrities! the latest is "the news cover" has access more details of the IT raids on 'Taapsee Pannu' and her company suspected of income tax evasion of around 25 crores, she's accepted around 5 crores in cash her endorsement deals under i.t scanner 600 crore tax evasion suspected by Anurag's phantom films this as cellulars continue to grill 'Taapsee Pannu' and Neurath kasha for over six hours.

what more can you add to this quickly as of now income tax sources have told us that uh they found that the data in the mobile phones of table 'Taapsee Pannu' and kashab and few others who were questioned whose statements were recorded by the income tax officials has been wiped off has been deleted it is suspected.

the data was deleted after the ncb crackdown started in Mumbai but this data has been deleted and why this data has been deleted they couldn't answer uh though it sources said that they have experts who could retrieve the deleted data and that could be part of the transactions that have happened and that have been deleted to hide the income tax evasion that has happened.

now the searches we are being told that the searches will go on uh they have seized a lot of uh data electronic data which has been copied with two copies have been prepared while uh hard data hard copies have also been accessed which will be evaluated by income tax officials but 'Taapsee Pannu' is suspected of embedded evading 25 crore rupees approximately while phantom films and its shareholders like andrad kashyap madhu montana because and others are suspected to have evaded taxes of around 600 rupees all right appreciate you.

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