Says Letter "This Is Just A Trailer" Found Along With Explosive Outside Mukesh Ambani Residence

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: we're shifting focus now a car with 20 gelatin sticks that was found near Mukesh Ambani's house in Mumbai has triggered a big security scare what's added to this mysteries and note left by the suspects.

 who said that this was just a trailer for Mukesh bhaiya security has been beefed up at Antalya and the investigation currently underway takes a look is there a threat to India's richest man is someone looking to scare him at his home if not then what explains this suspicious suv a load of dangerous explosives and a threatening handwritten letter found outside.

the billionaire's Mumbai home the disturbing threat on wheels unfolding in the shadow of Antilla the towering residents of India's wealthiest family but let's first traceback for you how it,

began it started at 1 am on Thursday when this vehicle was detected suspiciously positioned not far from the Ambani home the man inside the vehicle but he remains unidentified at this time, two vehicles can be seen in the footage a Scorpio and an Innova the driver parks the Scorpio and leaves in the Innova,

who is this man in these images heavy security and dog squads were rushed to the spot an unusual scene in a locality otherwise posh and protected we are present outside the anthill and you can see how Mumbai police officials are present for security also the whole road leading to the bungalow is completely sealed and also there is a heavy presence of Mumbai police official let's get you closer now to the suspicious vehicle in question where on Thursday the bomb squad carefully opened it and exposed the scary contents

a Mahindra Scorpio inside it a package with 20 gelatin sticks explosives that need a detonator to work but disturbing nonetheless but perhaps most damningly a letter recovered from inside the car placed in a Mumbai Indians bag a letter with a scary script of threat addressed to Neeta bhabhi and Mukesh bhaiya. 

The letter says this is just a trailer of what is yet to come but who could this letter be from and why this threat to Mukesh Ambani and his family disturbingly the Mumbai police has said they have found number plates inside the SUV matching number plates used in Mukesh Ambani's security vehicles a dangerous indicator that the Scorpio may have intended to attempt entry. 

into the antelope compounds foreign reliance industries reacting to the threat has said that they have confidence that the Mumbai police will carry out a thorough probe quickly as the investigation continues and while it is too early for conclusions of any kind Mukesh Ambani's name has echoed in the political landscape recently first at the farmer's agitation and then by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to attack the Modi government but the biggest question now remains the details of the investigation

who brought the SUV who is this man in the driver's seat who wrote the letter what is this entire threat really all about the Mumbai police investigating a threat to industrialist Mukesh Ambani have learned that the green Scorpio in which gillington sticks and the letter was found was stolen from vikrali on February 17th a case was registered by the car owner on February 18th while the accused involved tried to remove the chassis number of the vehicle it was somehow retrieved by police officials Mumbai police has formed over 10 teams to investigate this case.

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