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Monday, March 15, 2021

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The News Cover: The world is still battling the COVID pandemic. People continue to suffer with unemployment, lay-offs & economic problems. Especially the most affected is the entertainment industry as no movies are releasing and all forms of programmes have been cancelled due to the lockdown. 

This is because of a lack of audience and social distancing norms. Those working in the entertainment industry have been laid off and are finding it difficult to make ends meet. French Prime Minister Jean Castex on 30th October 2020, had ordered the closure of cinemas and theaters & decided not to reopen in the near future. During France’s C├ęsar Awards ceremony, 

French actress Corinne Masiero was on stage to present the awards. Corinne first appeared on stage in a donkey costume and splashed with fake blood. She then removed the Donkey headgear to reveal a red dress. She then proceeded to remove the dress as well. She was completely naked under it. Across her breasts and torso was written, “No culture, no future.” She meant to say France used to have so many art, cultural, and entertainment displays. 

Since these have stopped, France has no future anymore. On her back, there was a message for Prime Minister Jean Castex: “Give us back art, Jean.” As the ceremony host scrambled to gather Corinne’s clothes off the stage floor, Corinne said, “I don’t think I’ll be invited next year, we’ll see.” When Corinne reappeared, 

she was back in the red dress. Corinne did this to create awareness and in support of artists and technicians who have been laid off, due to the PM Castex's ordered that is causing suffering among many. Several actors and technicians have been protesting and urging to reopen public places with proper social distancing protocols. The actress’s gesture has been widely appreciated by the audience & art fraternity in France.

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