privatization of 2 Public Sector Banks 2-day strike by PSU bank employees

Monday, March 15, 2021

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The News Cover: Now services, at state-owned banks may be hit across the country today with a united forum of bank unions an umbrella body of nine groups calling for a two-day strike that begins today they are holding a protest against.

 The proposed 'privatization of two state-owned lenders' this announcement came to the fore during 'Nirmala sitharaman's' budget speech this year, my colleagues are tracking the very latest from on ground across the country it's a two-day strike,

about 10 lakh bank employees are protesting against, the decision of the "central government to privatize two public sector banks" government my colleague is what's the situation like have banks that are now on strike did they tell their customers that they are going to be on strike is their chaos is their confusion.

what's the situation that it's being estimated that around 10 lakh employees of different government banks are including or being the part of this countrywide strike right now we are of Punjab national bank in which united union bank has already merged in this bank in April 2020 and as you know that there are 12 government banks in the country,

out of these 12 two are more which are to be privatized according to the announcement of the finance minister last budget and that is why it's a kind of protest by the employees of different government banks and you know that in the last four years 14 public banks have been merged and now it's being told that a couple of government banks will be privatized and that is what the protest by the employees and here as you know the kovate guideline is over there,

that's why the employees of banks are not allowed to assemble for showing their protest but yes the banks are shut today and these are the government bank which is supposed to be shot today because of registering their demands and whatever they are demanding that is what we can understand that in previous years we have seen the privatization and the merging of banks and they are protesting for that right

first, what's the situation like in the national capital well you see right now we are Punjab national bank and as of now due to the two-day strike it's completely empty over here otherwise we would have seen a huge queue of people over here and the cars

which are being parked inside the bank premises and this is one of the important places in Delhi because it's located in central Delhi but as of now the bank services are being affected ufbu the umbrella union of all the banking services and it claims that it has 10 lakh people under its union they have decided to go on strike because of the privatization of two public sector bank and it was announced by "union finance minister Nirmala sitharaman" during the budget saying that as part of the disinvestment process of the government the private sector banks 

will be will the public sector banks would be privatized now various services are expected to be hit beat loan clearances money transfer but atms will continue atms working will continue and also the public sector bank be it icici stfc or other private sector banks are that they will continue to function is only of public sector banks

the weekend and this two-day strike effectively bank services have been hit for four days in a row well definitely that would mean that the banks will not function for four days at a stretch which is definitely quite a setback for financial transactions and today and tomorrow as well it seems that both withdrawals and deposits 

as well check clearances will be affected with the strike well as far as Lucknow is concerned we are at the state bank of India's head local headquarters here in Lucknow it is perhaps too early in the day to predict as to what exactly will be the fallout of the strike because we believe that all India you know banks employees association members will actually turn up here at around 11 o'clock to protest against the decision of privatization taken by the "union government" but yes after talking to a number of office-bearers of the union it is clear that the bank employees actually feel unsafe with this decision of the government because they believe that they will stand out to lose more jobs if the government goes and privatizes two other public sector banks

now the name of the banks is still not clear but the employees believe that since lic is also coming under the habit of this decision of the government perhaps banks like state bank of India which is the perhaps the biggest public sector bank in India will also get affected with this decision taken by the central government right absolutely we also saw arcades the former governor of rbi who came out and said that privatization of these banks would be a colossal mistake

what's the situation like in Mumbai well Mumbai is also one of the cities which is affected by the strike today and in fact being the financial capital the impact is more severe here however as other colleagues were telling you already that especially the check clearance payment system is badly affected though people

were quite prepared with this and that they have made some alternate arguments whether it was the online payment or any ft or using some mobile app but the few things which are from the back end of the office is definitely affected today and the people have to bear this for at least today and tomorrow

so right now Mumbai is also facing some issue but this is it seems it is minimal here right now but in the later part of the day the impact would be much more than now absolutely do keep a track of all the very latest my colleagues they're getting us the details of this particular strike services are likely to be hit but banks have told their customers to be prepared with that we're slipping into a quick break.

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