Prime Minister Narendra Modi to interact with Matua Community

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

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The News Cover: now the occasion of the golden jubilee, of its independence Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, "will be traveling to Bangladesh" and will be visiting the two temples of the "Mathura community" in Gopal ganj, and sakura districts now besides worshiping at the temple the Indian prime minister will also be exchanging views with the people of the Matua Community this, of course, has created. 

a great deal of excitement amongst the locals, the temple authorities, and the local government has completed the required arrangements, for the arrival of the "Indian prime minister" now many of course consider this visit, to be a bit of a masterstroke for winning the votes of the Matua Community in west Bengal but of course to be going to vote in an election a ground report by our correspondent lakmina jasmine sober gets you all the details this is the "Yeshua saree Devi temple in Shyam Nagar Upazila" of south Kira district, in Bangladesh. 

it is considered a sacred place by Hindus, 'the prime minister of India Narendra Modi' will visit this temple on March 27th in preparation for his arrival a festive mood prevails among the people of this region bordering West Bengal India locals think that with the arrival of Modi this temple will be known worldwide prime minister Narendra Modi is now a world leader his arrival at this temple in south Bengal, is like a fairy tale to us as it's about to happen.

we can't express in words how excited the people of this are, "I believe that with the arrival of prime minister Narendra Modi" this temple will prosper many people will start coming here just like in the place of pilgrimage. we are very happy and proud that the prime minister of India Narendra Modi will visit our nation. we are fortunate that he is coming to a small country like ours the history of the establishment of Yeshua's wari temple is 450 years old. the Hindu priest of the temple said that prime minister Narendra Modi would come here to worship and exchange views, with the local Matua community.

the temple authorities have made every preparation to ensure. that his worship is uninterrupted. I have learned that he will come here and worship. that is why I have taken all kinds of preparations here he is supposed to spend 30 to 35 minutes he may visit the infrastructure of the temple meanwhile extensive preparations are underway in tungipara of gopalgange district and urakandi of Kashani, on the occasion of the prime minister's visit parish and Tagore the proponent of matua doctrine and his son guru-chan Tagore was born in Irukandji of Kashani Upazila in gupalgans.

the temple of that village, is known to the mantua community, as a place of highest pilgrimage here Narendra Modi, will worship at the temple of harichan guru-chan Tagore at takurbari, after that he will exchange views with the members of takubari in front of the temple he is scheduled to exchange views with more than 300 mature leaders in another field in front of the house this is a great achievement for us we girls will all wear red sorry and welcome him with flowers sandalwood and incense harichan Tagore appeared on March 11 as the savior of the lower caste Hindu community, later his son guru-chan Tagore took over the responsibility Matua devotees from different countries including Bangladesh.

India Nepal and Sri Lanka take part in the festival organized, every year on the occasion of harichan Tagore's birth anniversary. we look forward to seeing him if he really comes here and keeps his footsteps we will be forever grateful not only to the Mathura devotees. living in urakandhi but all the Matua Community, devotees all over the world are overwhelmed by the news of the visit we all mature fans are waiting for him may his visit be a success and it is desirable that we get the opportunity to receive his discussions are going on in Dhaka and Kolkata, about Modi's visit to the temple, of the Matua community.

 during the west Bengal assembly elections, some people think that prime minister Narendra Modi wants to deliver a master's stroke by visiting. those temples to win, the Matua vote in West Bengal India and Bangladesh together. have more than 50 million people of the Matua community, about 30 million of them live in West Bengal. many local newspapers have reported, that the central leadership of the bjp thinks that it, will be easier for the bjp to win the "mature vote in west Bengal if prime minister Modi" goes there and pays homage to Hari Chand guru, chant takur apart from visiting the two temples prime minister Narendra Modi has another important program outside Dhaka he will pay homage to Bangabandhu's mausoleum at tonki para in Gopal got prime minister sheikh hasanah is also expected to be there this is lakmeen jasmine shoma in Dhaka for you.

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