police shot in the head by 19-year-old girl killed in Myanmar protest

Monday, March 8, 2021

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The News Cover: nine people are reported to have been killed in Myanmar as the security forces fired live rounds into crowds protesting against, the coup the civil disobedience movement has continued to organize, rallies into barricade neighborhoods despite the fact that the army is escalating the violence against the demonstrators at least "30 people have been killed" since.

The military seized power on February the 1st our southeast Asia correspondent Jonathan head has this report the conflict in 'Myanmar' is turning into a battle for control of individual neighborhoods residents and protesters barricading. 

their streets to try to stop the military authorities from entering police and soldiers marching through in lines to push people off the streets and sometimes shooting at those brave enough to film from their apartments at ground level the protest organizers are using fire extinguishers to block the vision of the police to try to avoid being shot because that's 

what the military is prepared to do to reassert control this was "19-year-old" gel sin at a protest today in Mandalay her 't-shirt says' "everything will be okay" but she was also carrying a label with her blood group and instructions for what to do if she died she was struck in the head by a bullet-like others "who were killed today here in the city of Manoa the police were filmed dragging away another victim large numbers of people are being arrested two every day in this neighborhood it seemed every resident.

who was caught was lined up to be taken into custody and the police are exercising little restraint with those they catch the security camera video showed three protesters.

being savagely beaten if there is a strategy visible in these shocking scenes it is perhaps to try to crush a movement that has spread right across the country through fear and brutality in the hope that the international community eventually accepts the reality of military rule well earlier I spoke with one of the people who was at today's protest in Mandalay I was actually at the same demonstration that the 19-year-old girl died.

I did not witness the murder itself but I went there with a group of my friends they started using I believe a sound bomb before they fired the shot so we just ran away started to run the crash started to disperse after hearing that sound bomb we went into a home that sheltered us that was kind enough to shelter us basically a group of 50 or 100 protesters and of course, 

we're seeing the violence since that day slowly increased a total of 30 people now killed are you concerned when you go out onto the streets especially because we are seeing reports that the police are detaining and rounding people up I am very concerned I am actually not concerned not only concerned about the safety but also about the Kobe 19 as well but we frankly don't have much any other choice we have to keep going out we have to keep protesting.

 we have to keep showing our dissent towards the military they are not our government we have our own elected government and they need to respect our votes what is the end game here though are you hoping to continue to protest until the international community intervenes because it doesn't seem like the military is going to budge the end game from our side is kind of hard to tell we just have to keep going until they give up basically I personally would plead for the international community to call for an arms embargo on them on the military that would help I would also plead for the international community to direct to recognize our crph it's called its community representing that is the closest thing that we have to our elected government I mean this military though as we've seen in the past and history will tell you that they don't budge or change their mind easily it took decades for them to even come to the position that they were in in 2015. 

well, they're also they also don't have they also haven't faced our generation we are filming everything, of course,

 the people are dying we are filming everything and we hope to hold them accountable once they are defeated so yes we hope to win we must win otherwise we're going to be living under the military rule for another 20 30 years

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