PM Modi first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at AIIMS

Monday, March 1, 2021

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The News Cover:  Morning prime minister was administered with the first dose of India's indigenous vaccine, co-vaccine taking to the Twitter prime minister said that he took the first dose at AIIMS he also lauded the doctors and scientists of the country and said that they have worked in quick time to strengthen the global fight against COVID-19.

he also appealed to those eligible to get vaccinated in fact sister n sister p Nevada from Puducherry administered the coaxing to prime minister coaxing is developed by Hyderabad-based vaccine manufacturer Bharath biotech and its phase three trials are still underway

 It is one of the two COVID-19 vaccines approved for emergency use in India prime minister is seen wearing a gumcha of Assam which is symbolic of blessings of women from Assam he's also been he's also seen wearing it on many occasions following prime minister Modi even Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik and Gujarat chief minister Vijay rupani's wife also got vaccinated today here are the latest visuals coming in uh, in fact, prime minister Modi earlier today got vaccinated following which several others got vaccinated here are prime minister Modi.

who got vaccinated earlier in the day and there are several others who followed prime minister Modi's footsteps if even Bihar chief minister Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik and Gujarat chief minister Vijaya rapani's wife also got vaccinated today here's the prime minister Modi's new the fresh visuals that we bring to you here where he got down to get vaccinated early this morning prime minister Modi came by got himself.

 the shot in fact here we're looking at visuals of prime minister Narendra Modi, who took the core vaccine earlier! today remember he also falls eligible in this category he is about above the age of 60 and in fact we're looking at prime minister Narendra Modi trying to set precedence here and of course weighed off all those those

 worrying and those doubting the vaccine hesitancy we're seeing as a big concern in the country many of them worried about whether or not to get the vaccine and here's prime minister Modi indeed set an example uh clearly he has shown uh first of all not jumping the line waiting for his turn waiting for the second phase to begin where those above the age of 60 those co-morbidities could get vaccinated and he falls under that category where he's above the age of 60 now and he gets the vaccine, 

in fact, on the first day itself, the second round of the vaccination phase prime minister Modi takes the vaccine the kovacs Bharat biotech also has thanked prime minister Narendra Modi for taking the vaccine shot and has come clear that now those falling in this category can absolutely take this vaccine it's absolutely safe and one.

 must go ahead and he has been leading from the front prime minister Modi has been leading from the front uh from the start uh to in fact he's carried out this vaccination drive uh in compared to many other countries at a much faster pace under his leadership.

undoubtedly it seems like the health professionals across the country have been on the ground equipped and following a set strategy a pattern where the carrying out vaccination drives so far seamlessly prime minister Narendra Modi himself now right after the vaccination drive began it's been over a month now the second phase has just begun today he takes the vaccine first one of the first to take it in Puducherry sister v p Nevada from Puducherry administers the vaccine on prime minister Narendra Modi let me quickly cut across Neha mordant there take you taking you through exactly how one can get vaccinated what's the real process to register yourself if you are eligible to let's take a listen

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