Myanmar protests continue on eve of Armed Forces Day as death toll surpasses 300

Sunday, March 28, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: Myanmar has seen its worst day, of violence since its military, seized power nearly two months ago. local media are reporting as many as 50 people have been shot dead, in the latest crackdown against anti-coup protesters. now that's on top of the 320 deaths that rights groups have confirmed since the start of the military coup although the true number is likely to be much higher the violence, coincides with a military parade, in the capital where the leader of the ruling junta pledged to safeguard democracy. 

let's get we've been getting an ongoing, increasing death toll, as that crackdown continues. by the military indeed and it's rising quickly. we've been it's very hard to get a really accurate impression. we were trying to do that earlier in the day trying to double-check and confirm these reports. we were getting of fatalities, but as the day has gone on the numbers have just been increasing faster, and faster it is of course very difficult to access information in addition. to which the internet is still blocked in many areas but we do know the protesters went out very early this morning in Yangon they've been out since 4 30 in the morning it's 230 in the morning then the security services moved in at four o'clock.

 we understand that four people were killed in clashes there in dana and Yangon last year. in the shan state, several people were killed again, when the protesters went out onto the streets they were met as they have been day after day by volleys of tear gas rubber bullets, and live rounds, and in Yangon, in Mandalay Myanmar's second city, the city is basically wreathed in smoke as the security services. went in first setting alight barricades. the protesters have put in place around their neighborhoods to try and stop.

the security services getting on getting in and since then we've seen lots of people both injured and dead it follows a chilling warning. that went out last night on Myanmar's state tv, that people should not throw their lives away. the warning said that but if they did come out in the streets today they would be shot in the head or the back and that's what we're seeing a lot of these injuries and fatalities appear to be gunshot wounds to the head we've also seen on social media lots of images of snipers in high-end placements all over the country and of course, this news all comes on the day. 

that the armed forces parade actually happened, as well as a show of might and subliminal messages, about who we are as a military. and what we can do absolutely frankly. not that subliminal we were expecting this to be a big day from the military I think the protesters were also expecting it they came out very early in the morning before the sun had risen in nepador the capital and on this huge parade ground we saw armed vehicles missile launchers tanks, and then as the sun rose thousands and thousands of soldiers representing. all of the armed forces but of course, while this is a day that celebrates Myanmar's military the glories of the past the biggest battle today concerning. 

the military in the battle against. its own people on the streets of towns, and cities, all across the country we saw the hunters' leader general Minong lai come out. he said that the military was put in this position trying to paint, the military as the guardian of democracy. saying that they'd been put in this position and they'd carried out the coup illegally because of unlawful acts by the NLD at the party led by Aung san tsuchi but of course, he presented no arguments as he hasn't done since the coup and again I think we can see from the reaction of the protesters out on the streets. who are risking their lives to oppose this coup that no one really believes that?

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