Mukesh Ambani bomb-laden car Mumbai Cop Arrested Over Alleged Role In Ambani Security Scare Case

Sunday, March 14, 2021

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The news Cover: now from Maharashtra, where assistant police inspector, 'Sachin vase' who's been under probe for the mysterious death of businessman! Manso Kiran' has been arrested after he was summoned on Saturday by the 'national investigating agency'.

The police had traced, an explosive-laden suv found near industrialist Mukesh Ambani's residence last month to an auto parts dealer a manso Kiran whose body was later found in athani creek his wife alleged that the vehicle had been lent out to the cop for four months a few days

 after which it was reported stolen well let's go across to Saurabh for more on this and saw this is a huge political story as well and vaze was arrested a little before midnight that's right what we're being given to understand is that Sachin vase has been arrested by the national investigation agency and he's been brought to their office today again now.

 what is the background of this case well it all goes back to the month of February when explosives laid in-vehicle gelatin sticks in a Scorpio vehicle was found outside the residence of Mukesh mani an approach started now you during the probe it emerged that the car in which these explosives,

were found had been lent out to Sachin that's what you know that's what man shook herring the person who's in whose name the car was he told you to know he revealed his wife brother revealed

now you know once you hearing later according to the police committed suicide but there is, of course, some questions over that as well and those are questions that need to be answered and you know at this point the NIA has taken over the investigation of this issue came up in the Maharashtra assembly

 also where the leader of the opposition raised the issue and you know after that Sachin gaze was removed as the investigation officer in this case and many have also said you know that there are several threads to it and all these threads need to be investigated at this point the NIA has taken over the investigation and that's something that's happening but in the big development on this story we also know that Sachin was a pretty well-known cop you know he's a former encounter cop he has been arrested in this case by the national investigative agency his and he currently is under arrest.

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