Mehbooba Mufti Challenges Probe Agency Summons In Delhi High Court by ED against her in money laundering case

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: Delhi high court has staged the enforcement directorate summons to former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister mehbooba mufti says her council PDP leader mahbooba mufti had approached the Delhi high court earlier against the enforcement directorate summons asking her to appear before it on the 15th of March in connection with a money laundering case through the latest developments, in this case, please well yes today when the matter came up for hearing before a bench led by justice middle

The council for the enforcement directorate himself assured the court that they would not in fact insist on the appearance of a mufti on the 15th of march which was the date that she was supposed to be present as per the summons that was issued to her on the 5th of march now the ed councils council clearly said that. 

we will not insist on her appearance and taking this the court said that the matter would be referred to the 19th and at this point, no summons the summer that was issued they need not require her to be produced in regard to this particular case of course

in her application has sought the question of this summons and has said that the law the provision of the pmla which is section 50 in itself is not valid under the constitution she challenged that particular section as well and has said that as for the summons issued to her she is not aware whether she has been called in as an accused or as a witness and she's not subject to any sort of investigation so and she's not aware of the case at all that was the basis on which she has moved the Delhi high court and today it has been recorded by the delhi high court that there will be no sort of insistence on her being produced or her being made to appear before the enforcement director in the pmla case.

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