Mamata Banerjee vs PM Modi: What's The Writing On The Wall?

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: a political slogan, that seems to have caught the attention of not even not just pole managers. but even artists in Kolkata, we are in Kolkata we did manage to see big hoardings of Narendra Modi only two faces Narendra Modi, on one side month of energy on the other right huge posters huge post there's a poster war happening in Kolkata. 

I'm sure it's happening in the rest of West Bengal. as well but largely in Kolkata gone are ads, of real estate properties, gone are the ads of perfume sprays soaps now it's only two faces on the streets Mamta of energy so it's a two-person personality contest but how this messaging can be seen on the walls the writing on the wall for some at least not all can be seen right here.

so messaging at various levels, not just those big posters but right here if you recall this was the the very famous times. of india cartoon of mamta banerjee with a pair of slippers and also a plaster on the other leg with a football and her political slogan keller hobe so this has been painted on the walls so it's not just it is not just about  about those big posters but this subtle messaging also cost efficient messaging also which can be seen on the streets i'm sure there will be some places where the bjp would have also used the same messaging take a look at this one for instance.

at this one for instance you've got month of energy with a plaster cast on a wheelchair saying namaste so anyone who's crossing this extremely narrow street this is the heart of kolkata extremely busy intersection extremely busy road you can see that the people who stay here such narrow lanes huge population right and once they will come out of these narrow lanes and violence through these roads

they will not just see those big posters but also this subtle messaging should this be seen as the writing on the wall or is this an attempt to perhaps convince people as i said and i want to say this out loud we have been able to spot this message just by chance i'm pretty sure that this form of messaging would be done by the other political parties as well particularly the main rival this time around for month energy the bhartiya janata party 

we'll get you all the latest reports from our three or four day tour right here where we crisscross not just kolkata but also neighboring areas go to pole bound Nandigram get you other reports also get you the cast time remember it's not just hindu and muslim that you always keep sharing there's a very very crucial caste dynamics which are also at play so what are those cast dynamics what is the strategy as far as these two players are concerned

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