Maharashtra COVID-19 cases will take in only 50% of Private offices in their capacity till March 31 surge

Monday, March 22, 2021

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The News Cover: let's take a look at the situation of coronavirus in india you can see india's total number of cases well past one crow 15 lakh mark the daily number of cases 39,726 nearly 40,000 daily cases those cases have been gradually rising but out of 39,726 cases 25,800 cases are from the state of Maharashtra. 

alone if you look at this the daily how the number of cases are look here how the graph has been gradually rising after the mid of February you can see this curve over here how the how the graph has gradually risen this is a big worry right now in the country the gradual rise in the number of cases 

let's now dig into deeper detail now they said this is the highest increase in daily covid cases since the 29th of november 2020 maharashtra has recorded the highest single day increase in covid cases ever since the beginning of the pandemic last year maharashtra right now maharashtra accounts for 65 percent of all new covid cases so maharashtra continues to be the big, 

wadi state punjab here punjab has recorded fastest increase in daily cases so the the other big worry state now is punjab punjab has recorded the fastest increase in daily number of cases the fresh there are now fresh corporate restrictions with the states and the cities are imposing in order to arrest the Covid spike let's look at maharashtra first religious social gatherings have been banned in maharashtra for the moment so that the government hopes to arrest the spike in the number of covid cases knight curfew in nine most affected districts in punjab have been extended by 12 hours earlier 

the night curfew was beginning at 11 pm in the night now the night curfew in these nine worst affected districts will begin at 9:00 pm in the night so that night curfew extended by two hours now if you see the india's daily cases in the last seven days you can see how they have risen over the last seven days on the 13th of march it was around 24,800 cases now from twenty four thousand eight hundred through thirty nine thousand seven hundred cases 

how the cases have been steadily rising over the last one week the top five states with the highest number of cases in the last 24 hours as we said maharashtra right there with a big bar over there of 25,800 cases their highest ever spike since the beginning of the pandemic punjab has jumped to number two so punjab is the next big quarry state as he said with 2369 cases 

if you look at the death figures also there also punjab has become a new worry punjab number two with 32 deaths maharashtra remains at the top with over 50 deaths in the last 24 hours followed by kerala tamilnadu and karnataka now mumbai's dharavi is another focus point now in maharashtra because dharavi is now recording a steady rise in cases you can see month on month from january to february to march the cases have been rising steadily now in mumbai's dharavi there's been a 35 spike in cases compared to january now this is the latest circular

the government of maharashtra has released imposing fresh restrictions let's take you through some of them the most important here is that all drama theaters and auditoriums in the state to operate at 50 capacity now there will be no entry without proper wearing of masks temperature measuring devices to be to be used to ensure that no one with fever gets an entry there will be adequate hand sanitizers to be kept at various convenient locations and concerned establishments to ensure presence of enough manpower to enforce wearing of mass as well as social distancing by all visitors at all times.

 so this is regarding drama theaters and auditoriums in the state which will now be operating at 50 capacity and the other important thing is here that all private offices except related to health and other essential services to function at 50 capacity so all private hospitals accept health and essential services will be functioning at 50 capacity that's what the maharashtra government is saying of course the the 50 staff which will be coming into the offices

will follow all the cobit precautions that's what the government is saying right now so that they can arrest the spread of coronavirus in the state of maharashtra so private offices at 50 capacities except those related to health and essential services and drama theaters and auditoriums in the state to operate at 50 capacity with these various restrictions so that's the situation of coronavirus in the country.

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