Madras Puducherry Aadhaar Misuse "High Court On Complaint Against BJP"

Friday, March 26, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: let's shift our focus to puducherry now where the madras high court on friday wanted to know if the puducherry assembly election scheduled to be on the 6th of april could be deferred in light of allegations that bjp had wrongfully assessed and misused voters aadhaar details

they basically accessed all of those details but wrongfully they say including phone numbers for campaigning purposes they said and i quote why can't the puducherry polls be deferred the court asked as it directed the poll body to investigate and file a full report by the 30th of march so 30th of march is when the report will come out april 6th is when the election is scheduled to happen as of crucial that the madras high court has taken stock of this 

we are expecting the report to be filed what more could be the political sort of fallouts of this well we don't know what action will the court ultimately take but this comes in the backdrop of the bjp desperately trying to win more seats in puducherry where so far it has only negligible present sonal remember recently the congress government there collapsed after close to six mlas resigned some of them crossed over to the bjp and now the bjp has forged an alliance with the nr congress and there is a kind of a nda in place 

now and they hope to they're contesting in ninth states and they hope to break new ground there the petitioner a youth wing leader of dyfi alleges that people at the booth level voters are receiving sms's from the bjp with links to whatsapp groups formed at the booth level and he says this is nothing but misuse of power and he says that these other linked phone numbers have been stealthily taken from the government records using 

what he claims to be the access the ruling bjp has and initially the madras high court had asked the election commission to probe nothing much came and that's why today the court actually in a strong observation asked why not be when the poll be deferred and has instructed the election commission to be on top of this and ensure the investigation is done and then come out and and to come out with the report on the 13th so the court could take a decision on record the bjp leaders in productivity say they their lawyers they say will respond in the court whenever it's required.

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