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Monday, March 22, 2021

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The News Cover: Israel is set to hold its fourth snap election, next weekdays before the crucial polls thousands of Israelis took to the 'streets to protest against prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's policies and leadership' local reports suggesting that over 20 000 protesters gathered at the Paris square close to Netanyahu's official residence. the protesters were seen waving flags and carrying posters shouting bibi go home.

we are here to protest against, Netanyahu, and his corrupted government this is our last chance before the election. I came to speak and protest, about the situation when the government is probably going to win this election and somebody needs to stop this because the government will be worse than it used to be and the people must vote differently.

I'm here to overthrow Benjamin Netanyahu, we have been here since the summer expecting. it to be better in Israel has been witnessing weekly anti-establishment protests. since last year but the Saturday demonstrations were the largest since the protest started. the demonstrators demand "prime minister Netanyahu's" resignation over the alleged corruption scandals and mishandling of the covid-19 crisis. 

Netanyahu has been in power for the last 12 years, and the leader hopes to retain his seat in the Tuesday vote. one thing to be noted here is that Netanyahu is the first Israeli prime minister to be indicted in office for corruption and bribery however he denies any wrongdoings. the series of elections have been going on since April 2019 but the winning parties failed to form the government experts.

say Netanyahu's liquid party, is likely to emerge as the biggest player, but 'the opinion polls have not suggested a clear winner' yet they say third time's a charm that did not really hold true, for Israel in the previous election as the country gears up for the fourth poll in less than two years opinion polls have not suggested any clear winner. 

they predict that the deadlock will continue what is the sense that you're getting you're absolutely right molly. I mean the situation now in march 2021 is actually different from the last election in March 2020 at that time covid-19, was just emerging we didn't know what to expect over the course of the year, and during the course of the year. 

we've obviously we've seen six thousand people die. a lot of suffering due, to the economy as well as for health reasons very tight lockdowns. and we're just starting to see those restrictions being eased there have been you know there and there have been a number of protests over the course of the year as you know private prior to this year as well against prime minister Netanyahu.

however, saying that he is still very very popular in general a channel 12 poll shows that 57 people are generally happy with the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and this election is going to be very much judged on the government's handling of covid 19. the poll also suggested that prime minister Netanyahu will win he'll come in the first place although with fewer seats than in previous elections and as you say, we might not see a final government come. 

out of this election, every Israeli government has to form a coalition in order to reach 61 seats. which is a majority in the parliament, and even with prime minister Netanyahu he's been expected to be able to pull together a coalition of 60 seats just so short of that 61 seats needed, and the person who's expected to come second is yeah lapid the head of the Yasha tid party and he's expected to pull together perhaps a coalition of 56 so we don't yet know whether or not this election. 

will break the political deadlock the Israel democracy institute did a poll which showed that only one-third of Israelis feel that this election will end the political deadlock and if that's the case then we could be looking at the fifth election in two years to what extent will Netanyahu indictment on corruption charges uh have a bearing on this electoral result. 

we've seen those demonstrations, that have been continuing against, the leader over corruption or over the corruption charges. also over his handling of the covid-19 crisis. right so in the last election a key issue was the corruption trial, facing prime minister Netanyahu, by this election yes it's definitely a significant factor particularly for those who oppose prime minister Netanyahu but it's not the key issue of this election really this election is a referendum on are you in favor of prime minister Netanyahu or do you feel that he's been in power for too long and you'd like to see him go and the key issue is the handling of the covid-19 pandemic.

now just last week we saw Pfizer's CEO, Albert, personally credit Netanyahu with the fact that he decided to give Israel the vaccinations so quickly and use Israel really as the world's testing laboratory as he said and many people are aware of this and are happy with the fact that the vaccination program has gone well even though of course there has been suffering in Israel as in other places across the world leaving it there for the moment, 

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