India's Fresh Covid-19 Cases Hit A Two-Month High Of 22,854

Thursday, March 11, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: now to the latest number of Covid-19 cases that have been reported, in the last 24 hours India has reported over 22,000 cases this is the highest number it's 22,854 new cases that India has added to its total tally it's the highest number of new cases added in over two months last time the cases were this high was in December.

this a matter of concern the numbers are surging constantly, and now this is the highest number of cases reported, in the last two months India's surging covert cases are definitely a matter of concern at this point of time if we look at the trajectory in just the last seven days and look at the daily cases they've gone up from about somewhere near sixteen thousand to over twenty-two thousand now and today's,

spike of twenty-two thousand eight hundred and fifty-four cases is the highest in over two months last time cases were this high was on December 26 when we reported 22,273 cases certain states definitely the bigger concern with states like "Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Karnataka, and Gujarat" which are among the top five states that are reporting high cases. center, on one hand, 

is taking several steps to control the cases across states they've sent their central teams to monitor these cases what are the reasons behind the search apart from that the "union health secretary" has been holding regular meetings review meetings with the chief secretaries of states certain states have also been asked to ramp up vaccinations in the worst affected districts reporting high surge,

so center at this point coming up with multiple strategies to control the surgeon cases but definitely at this point of time, this is a worry because India had started seeing a decline and certain even including the health minister union health minister had recently said that India could be in the endgame of the pandemic.

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