India Conveys Strong Objection To British Envoy Over Farm Laws Discussion

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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The News Cover: after the discussion in UK parliament on-farm laws the foreign secretary summoned, the 'British high commissioner' earlier today the government has said, that the foreign secretary conveyed to the UK envoy strong opposition to the unwarranted and tendentious discussion on farm laws in British parliament the government said that the foreign secretary called.

 A cross-interference in the politics of another democratic country so the UK envoy being summoned by the foreign secretary and being conveyed a strong message thereafter the UK parliament discussed farm laws yesterday now the Indian high commission has also called it a distinctly one-sided discussion and said that "false assertions" were made the UK government on its part has said that the concerns will be raised with India. 

When both prime ministers meet in person, hundreds of farmers have died already because of the freezing cold and because of ill health at a time when bilateral ties between India and the UK have never been better British parliamentarians set aside 90 minutes to debate the issue of farmers safety and freedom of the press in India in a response to several opposition MPs raising concerns over the safety of farmers and journalists in India UK minister of state for Asia Nigel Adams said the UK's close ties with India doesn't hinder it from raising concerns.

 The UK maintains that India is a friend that India is as good as a neighbor and that the bilateral ties have never been as exciting as currently the UK also says that however the friendship and however strong the friendship it doesn't hinder the united kingdom from raising concerns if there were any to arrange a and discuss a range of bilateral issues with India where we have serious and serious and specific concerns we will raise them directly with the Indian government

as you'd expect of a friend and neighbor opposition MPs including Jeremy Corbyn of the labor party expressed concern over what they felt was curbing press freedom the nature of the way in which the protesters the strikers have been attacked in Delhi is unprecedented but also unprecedented has been the reaction of the Indian government towards the way in which the media respond internet access has been closed down media access has been prevented the Indian government found supporters enrolling conservative mp terry Sevilla no policing response can altogether avoid controversial episodes after all complaints about police officers here in the UK are frequently made after mass protests but that is evidence that democratic values are under threat in this country and nor is it in India

 a petition initiated by liberal democrats leader gush garnered over one lakh signatures across the UK within weeks the Indian diaspora has a large presence of members of the sikh community several labor MPs including sima Malhotra tanmanjit Singh deshi Virendra Sharma shared their personal ties with former families in India the Indian high commission in London shared a response following the debate the FCI said we deeply regret that rather than a balanced debate false assertions without substantiation or facts were made casting aspirations on the largest democracy in the world foreign media including the British media are present in India and witnessed the events under discussion firsthand the question of lack of freedom of the media in India does not arise said the high commission Radhika ayur in London,

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