India Comprehensive Win Against England In 5th T20I

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: we're looking at India vs England in the t20 match series let's quickly cut across the cricketing expertise here India defeating England by 36 runs to clinch five-match t20 series 3-2 take us through the details ball by ball commentary here we'll we're waiting to hear who was the one who took away the match we love that frankly there was no one there was everybody

I mean if you actually asked me that 36 is just a number I thought India won by 100 that was the kind of overwhelming dominance that India had in the match the way they batted the way they bowled the way they filled it the man of the match for me is Bhubaneshwar Kumar 4 15 2 when you are sort of you know the opposition is chasing 224 and you bowl that kind of spell but having said Bhubaneshwar Kumar look at the batting Rohit Sharma 60 Virat Kohli 80 Surya kumari other 30 of 17 balls and then Hardik Pandya 37 of 17,224 Nabila 99 times out of 100 will not be chased down 

will not be chased down and it wasn't chased down England is the world's number one team you have beaten them and think about this you were one-two down you started the series scoring 124 in 20 overs you finish the series scoring 2 24 and 20 overs against the same bowling attack so what does that tell you there is a never say die attitude you were there with me when we discussed the Australia you were there with me when we discussed the Indian test series win over England you are there once again you're very lucky to be there with me when India wins 

the world t20 because this is a statement India making a statement that we will go into that world cup on home soil as the favorites this was an emphatic telling win telling England we at home are better than any contemporary side in your standing you said a lot of them have contributed if I could ask you the five takeaways from this match for India to be clinching this five-match t20 series it is a big win for India like you

said after Australia this has been a huge morale booster and here comes a victory for India against England yet again five takeaways from this match here five takeaways first never say die attitude you lost the toss doesn't matter basically this series the first three games if you see Nabila any team that wins the toss wins the game India took it out of the equation in game four again they lost the past and they told themselves no matter we will beat England take away one take away two all of a sudden you had visited Sharma with Virat Kohli opening the battle. 

they knew that they were banking on their batter six batters to do the job they added an extra bowler and that came good so rohit and Virat take away two that might well be your opening combo going into the world cup take away three the intensity with which the batsman batted when Rohit Sharma got out Surya Kumar Yadav came in second ball six third ball six constantly putting England under pressure continued by Hardik Pandya and Virat kohl take away four Bhubaneshwar Kumar at the top of his bowling mat you know

the first and third over sensational England one for one and then in that third over tremendous bowling from Bhubaneshwar Kumar and take away five the Indian fielding backing up the bowlers picking up wickets constantly this English batting attack is brilliant but at no point in time were they allowed to settle that is the fifth takeaway as far as, 

I'm concerned India mentally in their heart in their mind believe that even if they lose the toss conditions might be against them you might be against them they have the team to beat England tosses do not win cricket matches ability does absolutely potential does and that's what India demonstrates and a huge morale booster for India well absolutely and it's very heartwarming to see the way this Indian team has fought back.

 I think, it's it has become a hallmark of this team, if you see the tour of Australia we started the white ball series they were they were behind then they came back so well they even won the test series after being 36 all out in the first test match and then against England in the test series here in India they lost the first test but how well they came back and here again not once but twice they were down and it seemed they were out as well but the way this Indian team has fought back it speaks volumes about the confidence that this team has I think I'm we are also joined by suny gawaska the former India captain.

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