india 24x7 largest free kidney dialysis centre In Delhi

Sunday, March 7, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: the Delhi c gurudwara management committee today launched the guru Hari Krishna institute of medical sciences a hundred bedded kidney Dallas center,

that promises to be the largest in the country to provide treatment at zero cost the largest dial kidney dialysis center of a hospital here at Delhi in the national capital guru harkishan saying medical research institute joining me right now is the president of the Delhi gurudwara management Mr manjinder Singh sisa so thank you for speaking to us.

 what is the significance of this massive hospital that claims to be the largest kidney dialysis center in India yes very true this is the largest kidney dialysis hospital in India and also it is the first-of-kind initiative it is totally free there is no billing.

 the counter in this hospital the patient walks in and walks out without paying a single penny not just he'll get a free treatment here but also a food which is guru kalangar the purpose of this hospital is to serving the humanity as Sikhs are known for this from years we have been doing this but as this hospital, Seva was done by the pantry

baba harban Singh so he created this infrastructure it is all 550-bed hospital and soon you will see uh not just India's world's largest right uh kidney dialysis hospital here so this wanna be a thousand bed very soon thousand machines and thousand bed, 'very soon so from a hundred to a thousand that's the plan for this hospital' how many what is the capacity on a daily basis how many would you give me 500 500 can be accommodated right but soon we will gonna make it 24 into seven okay so it will be operational 24 hours.

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