farmers protest: United Nations confirms $10,000 donation from Sikhs for Justice "khalistan"

Thursday, March 18, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: justice which is a halistani group, that was banned in "india has now donated 10,000 u.s dollars" to the united nations high commission for human rights now according to reports, the banned outfit it's banned in india is lobbying the 'united nations' to launch.

An enquiry into the indian government's handling of farmers protest in india the united nations spokesperson has confirmed to beyond that such a donation was indeed received on the 1st of march the united nations does not decline the donations unless they are from groups or individuals, 

who are listed on its sanctions lists the seeks for justice is not on the united nations sanctions list multiple cases have been registered in india against this group in july 2019 the indian government had decided to ban the group or what india had described as its separatist agenda the man behind the donation is believed to be gurpatvant singh he is the general counsel to the sikhs for justice movement now panun has been declared

 a terrorist by the indian government under the unlawful activities act now he has reportedly pledged a further 1.3 million dollars to establish a united nations inquiry the commission of inquiry is usually reserved for grave international issues like the war in syria as of now there is no indication that the united nations is setting up such a probe on the farmer's protest it is important to note that the donation does not immediately mandate an inquiry this was reportedly conveyed,

the sikhs for justice, movement when they made the donation but the group has replied by saying that the money could of course be used for the united nations body's general functions the conversion of inquiry into the farmer's protest will be unwanted in fact there is no precedent for it the farm laws were passed by india's parliament and the protests the indian government has insisted are strictly an internal matter of the country now the indian government has also said that unlike in syria this of course is not a sparling humanitarian crisis with foreign powers entering into the frame

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