Explain Bengal Election Will Modi be able to breach Fortress Mamata in Bengal?

Sunday, March 14, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: "Tomar Naam Amaar Naam Vietnam Vietnam" was a popular slogan when the left front had a stronghold in Bengal. Communism was on the rise. But, only as an ideology. Mamta Banerjee, on the other hand, actually fought for the farmer rights, with the slogan: 'Tomar Naam Amaar Naam Nandigram Nandigram' Result: Tata's Nano & Left front govt both lost Bengal. 

Today, BJP is trying their best to make it into Bengal assembly with the slogan: Tomar Naam Amar Naam Jai Shri ram Jai-Shri ram. Mamta Banerjee may not like it but this Bengal election will be a fight between identities. After 2019 success, BJP plans to win the Bengal assembly elections but can they succeed? Or, will Mamta Banerjee win again against the odds? Or, will the left parties rise again?

Let's learn about the upcoming Bengal elections. Starting with BJP's 8 points that may help their chances. They performed very well in the Lok Sabha 2019 elections. RSS has been expanding all across Bengal. State president Dilip Ghosh is an RSS member as well. 

RSS + BJP is a great combo. However, sometimes, Dilip Ghosh gets tangled in his own words like saying that Non-Bengalis have done more for Bengal than Bengalis themselves. But, overall, their chances seem good. In 2014, even after winning Lok Sabha, BJP couldn't do well in Bengal assembly elections.

So, they approached Mukul Roy, formerly a member of TMC. Not just him, Suvendu Adhikari, and Sovan Chatterjee, all were involved in the Saradha Chit Fund scam. But now, after leaving TMC and having joined BJP, they have been granted top political positions.

Many jokes that Bengal BJP is mostly governed by TMC leaders, hence BJMul. By using imported faces and talents from other parties BJP has done well in other states as well Mamta Banerjee's image may be clean but her party people are involved in one scam or another. 

The biggest of which is the Saradha Chit Fund scam. But what hurts people more is the 'Cut money' scam in which the local politicians take their cuts off a big project. In fact, this happened even with the relief package for Amphan victims. 

BJP is highlighting these key points. BJP accuses Mamta Banerjee of appeasement politics, that she works majorly for the Muslim population. BJP has mixed into this the promises of CAA-NRC. They claim that Bangladeshi intruders are destroying the culture of Bengal. Amit Shah has called these people termites. 

This can lead to polarization which may benefit BJP. Matua community has a strong presence in Bengal who got land, ration card, and other facilities except for citizenship. Implementation of CAA will provide citizenship to these people so they may get inclined towards BJP. Fun fact - Mamata Banerjee has a nephew whose name is Akash Banerjee. 

Just think it through: Would I plead for memberships if I were? Anyway. These days Mamta's other nephew Abhishek Banerjee is in the news. BJP has therefore got an opportunity to call out nepotism. A formula that works. Recently, the CBI team investigated and inquired Abhishek Banerjee over the coal scam allegations. Oh oh...Nepotism plus corruption...killer narrative.

Left ruled over Bengal for 30 years. Not much development happened. Even TMC could not bring about major changes in the state of Bengal. Now, BJP says that they will ensure 'Asolo Parivartan'. They claim that when the center and state both have BJP, ache din will come. 

Mamta Banerjee has the Bangla advantage. But, this time, IT cell is in full flow, led by Amit Malviya. Their target is 50 lakh social media messages every other words digital flooding. Finally BJP has suddenly fallen in love with Bengal. Modiji speaking Bangla Nirmala Sitharaman quoting Tagore, tribal leader Birsa Munda being remembered, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose claimed as their own.

The goal is to win over the hearts of Bengalis. Because Bengalis are very emotional people. This will help remove BJP's outsider tag. Now, moving on to 8 points that may work in TMC's favor. How are they so confident despite double anti-incumbency? 

Mamta Banerjee has partnered with political strategist Prashant Kishor. She is being projected as the true daughter of Bengal and BJP is shown as outsiders. A very effective strategy. TMC is showing that Bengali children are healthier than Gujarati children. 

That unemployment in Bengal is less than the national average. That economic recovery of Bengal has been smooth after a corona. Mamta Banerjee uses politics 'to give to get something. Targeted welfare has been practiced, such as schemes for women. Opponents say that she has a Muslim vote bank. But, on the contrary, women have a substantial Vote share as seen in Bihar Election. 

TMC members may have been involved in corruption cases but Mamta didi's own image is good as new. No allegations against her. So, critics also say that TMC is a one-woman party. But, Mamta believes otherwise. The strongest point that will work in TMC's favor is TINA (There is no alternative). In Bengal, BJP is fighting the election under Modiji's leadership and his vision for Bengal. But, the voter wants a CM face, which only TMC has. 

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