EC Asks Health Ministry Remove PM Photo From Vaccine Certificate,complaint TMC

Saturday, March 6, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha
The News Cover: sources say that the election commission has asked, the center to remove photographs of prime minister Narendra Modi from covet vaccination certificates and to follow' the moral code of conduct guidelines in letter and spirit now.

This remember follows a complaint by the trinomial congress to the election commission against prime minister Narendra Modi's photographs on vaccination certificates along with a message source say that in a letter to the home ministry the election commission said that the model code of conduct must be followed in letter and spirit in pole bound states this is a very significant development.

TMC of course had you know raised this as a concern with the election commission that when the model code of conduct is in place you can't have the prime minister's photograph on vaccination certificates yes actually once the elections are announced the poll code model code comes into effect so you might have seen the way in the poll-bound states the statutes of the leaders even the prime minister's photo or the petrol banks all have been covered that's a standing instruction so when the photo appeared on the vaccination certificate then TMC raised this issue and then after that the poll panel started

 The election commission sources remember have said that since, the vaccination certificates across the country carry the prime minister's photograph the health ministry should find a way not to carry the pm's photos in pole bound "West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam, and Puducherry" so "what essentially has happened is that after the TMC complaint?  the election commission has sought a report from the West Bengal chief electoral officer and then a report from the union health ministry it then wrote to the health ministry calling for the removal of the prime minister's photographs in the poll-bound states the rest of the country will perhaps still be seeing photographs of the prime minister all right I do believe that the Nathan is back with us Vedanta can you hear us yeah yeah go ahead right you. 

 We lost you while you were giving us the details, of what really the election commission has said see basically what happens once the elections are announced either takes or in parliament elections the poll code or model code comes into effect so as per the guidelines issued way back pm's photographs in the "petrol bank" or anywhere that should all be covered so based on that TMC raised this objection and wrote to the election commission saying that pm's photographs appear on the vaccination certificate which is against the model code it should be removed so after that the poll panel sat a report from the West Bengal chief electoral officer and also report from the health ministry.

 So after examining that now the poll panel has written a letter to the health ministry saying that you please follow the complete poll code in later and spirit so sources also said that see this I mean program vaccination certificate is across the country so pm's photographs can appear in other states except these five states where polls are going so far this health ministry will have to find a way in this app or in its program to block pm's photo only in for these ''states west Bengal, Tamil Nadu, or some Kerala Puducherry'' so probably it may take a little time so ac has called the helping ministry please block photograph of the pm or in this five states and accordingly you alter your software so that will have to be done so finally pm's photo won't be appearing in the vaccination certificate on the poll-bound states.

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