Data is the new oil

Friday, March 12, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: we live in a very interesting time over the past hundred years, the population of our planet has increased more than 4 times and all scientists in the world who are now engaged in statistics in relation to demography cannot predict what will happen to us after 2100, 

there will be more or less of us and it greatly affects how people interact with each other, their behavior patterns, how they continue to perceive information, and how this information affects our world, you have probably very often heard the phrase that this new oil and many who speak in In the context of artificial intelligence in the context of data, as a rule,

they talk about negative consequences and that there will be an uprising of machines, artificial intelligence will enslave us all by the corporation to manipulate our perception and in general, this is a very scary place in the world, but in fact, there is an opinion, well, not only me of all the other on optimists that it is data that can save our world and this is the only, let's say, operating tool a cop that can affect some good things, 

well, it is natural to have good consequences, see everything is very simple, really data is the new oil and every person creates a huge amount of information every day, but in parallel with this, for example, every day we read the news that another insane politician created some kind of bill and you and I are very surprised why this is happening why this check thought about something most modern, let's say,

standard politicians think exclusively within their own environment and we are used to this, we are biologically programmed to trust our environment and perceive and adopt some knowledge and, accordingly, an experience that we can not reproduce ourselves,

we can understand from our parents someone closest to us in the 21st century, our environment has become too long and the brain using its defense mechanisms surrounds us from that amount of data who can let's say, can attack us from social ln networks from the mass media of everything that the Internet has opened to us if you have more than 5 thousand friends on your Facebook you know about this effect of a social bubble you see the update of only a few hundred of your friends from here the check has a problem of critical thinking it cannot reliably receive information about some other point of view than the one that algorithms have formed around it, and if we talk about our genetic perception of some other people's experience, absolutely the same thing happens here, returning to politicians,

their problem is that not a single modern political solution within the local cities there legislative authorities are not based on data, as a rule, these are speculative conclusions of people based on their own life experience and this is not their problem this is a problem of the modern world of data has become too much that it is simply impossible to process them manually from here we stop trusting all news sources we stop perceiving any experience gained received from other people, we immediately think that this is either paid advertising or it is a deception of algorithms or a conspiracy of some third party, but the further we develop,

the more we will become, respectively, and the data will become larger and the only way out is to make reliable decisions to create the correct laws distribution I do not know social policies or, for example, the fight against crime, the fight against some kind of climate change, the only method that will reliably apply such algorithms for our own entire population is methods based on data analysis, but here a very interesting contradiction arises; the modern world economy is arranged in such a way that the money is really yours and it exists, we can buy food with it, but still there is another digital currency,

this is our personal information, we are used to the fact that a billion-dollar corporation has built servers to store all the photos of food from all over the world. oh, we never think about whose money it was done and what we pay for it, but we pay for it with personal data and this is an absolutely normal market effect 21st century we get a free service we pay for it with our information and it seems like you and I, as consumers, end up in the plus there is one very important moment, as it were, this is the moment of control, 

then where is this information who controls it and how such a decision will be made if the algorithms for accessing information about third parties work in two directions of the state, it becomes easier to follow us, but it also becomes it is easier to monitor and control their work, this is the very transparency that we will need to form in the next 10 years, otherwise, naturally, the algorithms will get out of full control and it will be impossible to excuse this delayed social effect that is being programmed within society right now, or we can only from ourselves, our privacy has always existed and will always
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