Coronavirus India Updates: 23,179 New Coronavirus Cases, 84 Deaths In Maharashtra In 24 Hours

Thursday, March 18, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: cream one actually coming regarding the coved figures across metros let's start with 'Maharashtra' reporting over 23,000 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, nearly 30 percent higher than the day,

before now I mean the surge, in COVID-19 infections some parts of the country described as emerging second peak Maharashtra is reporting, the highest cases since September 19th it reported about 84 deaths as well in the past 24 hours that means that the fatality rate in Maharashtra is up to 2.24 it has reported,

a huge rise in cases as well some over uh over about 2.37 new infections and eight deaths as well and that is the figure only in Mumbai for example that's the figure coming in from there coronavirus infections remember fell to below 9,000 new cases in early February but have steadily increased since then reaching about 28,000 and the highest increase since December 13 our debts have increased by around 1,80,888 and the highest in two months

also standing at about over 1 lakh 59,000 the recent increase has led has been led by Maharashtra nearly 62 of this infection the past 24 hours and 46 of deaths have come from that state alone and the order has been given out for the locked down in some parts of districts putting curbs on cinemas hotels restaurants until the end of the month

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