corona update: India on brink of second COVID-19 wave

Saturday, March 20, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: now the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage across India and indeed across the world and the country has now recorded its biggest single-day spike in over three months with close to about 40 000 new infections and over 150 fatalities linked to cover 19. 

now even as India continues to expand its vaccination drive the question that remains on top of everyone's mind is India now on the brink of another wave of Covid-19 remember India recorded 39 726 new cases of infections in just the last 24 hours this is the highest tally in the last three months the country's also reported nearly about 154 fatalities with the maximum number of casualties having been reported,

the state of Maharashtra and what is also interesting is that most of these new infections have been reported in these southern more developed nation-states, where testing is on a much higher scale now on the other hand India's vaccination drive has also been steadily expanding over 39.3 million vaccine doses, 

have been administered so far in the country since the pandemic began India has confirmed over 11 million cases of infections and just a little over 159 000 deaths the country has also recorded the second-highest number of comet 19 infections in the world after just the united states of America.

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