Chinese Hackers cyber attack in India bharat biotech serum institute report

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: two independent firms that monitor, the threat posed by international hackers have said in independent reports that India is being severely threatened by state-sponsored "Chinese hackers" which are looking to make inroads into not just the power sector but also the serum institute of India and Bharat biotech. 

which are rolling out the coveted vaccines in India the government while acknowledging that the threat does exist says there has been no breach of the power sector so far but they haven't yet responded to the reports that two leading Indian pharma companies may also be targeted on the 12th of February, 

this year India's national critical information infrastructure protection center alerted India's power ministry of an imminent threat by Chinese state-sponsored hackers in their letter the protection center said and I quote Chinese state-sponsored.

 threat actor group known as the dread echo is targeting the Indian power sector's regional load dispatch centers and state load dispatch centers what's more all ips and domains which represented the threat have been blocked in a firewall at all control centers now the clarification comes in a day in which a report by recorded future said and I quote since early to 2020 recorded futures insect group observed a large increase in suspected targeted intrusion activity against Indian organizations from Chinese state-sponsored groups this time the alleged link between the outage and the discovery of the unspecified malware variant remains unsubstantiated however this disclosure provides additional evidence suggesting.

the coordinated targeting of Indian load dispatch centers and that other targets identified include two Indian seaports what's more we assess that targeting of Indian critical infrastructure poses significant concerns over potential pre-positioning of network access to support what Chinese strategic access now the government seems to accept this assessment and says the ips mentioned in red echo related advisories are matching with those given in shadow pad incidents

 already informed shadow pad is the name of the chinese malware red echo is the name of the group now all of this comes on a day when reuters has also been reporting that another "chinese state-backed hacking group" has recently targeted.

the i.t systems of bharat biotech and the serum institute of india the two indian vaccine makers whose corona vaccines are now being rolled out across india the report says that a chinese hacking group called apt-10 has identified gaps and vulnerabilities in it infrastructure and supply chain software of both firms now neither serum or bharat biotech or the ministry of health have responded so far significantly in a statement the government of china has said as a staunch defender of cybersecurity china firmly opposes and cracks down on all forms of cyberattacks foreign

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