CBI PM Housing Fund: DHFL Directors Scammed Thousands Of Crores

Thursday, March 25, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: CBI has another scam, in the prime minister housing fund, or the Pradhan Mantri Avas yojana the CBI has now registered corruption and cheating case against the DHFL directors couple one and Dhiraj what one the DHFL director scanned thousands of crores with fake home loan accounts is what the CBI is telling us at this point in a forensic audit revealed that both the gentleman had set up a fictitious branch of the DHFL

 as being found by the CBI so big scam being unearthed over simple terms for us what does it mean sonal the central bureau of investigation has unearthed a massive scam in the Pratham mantra that is a housing scheme by the government for the poor and downtrodden people so according to that particular scheme the poor and downtrodden can get a loan in any of the housing finance limited and then they can construct their homes and then their that particular interest 

will be taken care by the government so that's the scheme so this particular company that is that divine housing finance corporation limited the directors both and also Kapil wadhavan according to our sources in the central bureau of investigation their forensic audit has revealed that these two gentlemen both directors of the dewan housing corporation finance limited they had set up a fictitious a branch itself, not just an account they have set up a fictitious branch.

itself named Bandra branch in that particular branch they had created somewhere around 2.6 lakh fake housing loan account so according to that particular this one fictitious bank branch they had created somewhere around 2.6 lakh fake housing loan accounts and through that, they had siphoned somewhere around 14,000 crores out of this 14,000 crores 11,000 crore was diverted routed through the fictitious companies so what led to this unearthed is that this at this particular finance audit by the finance company 

so another very important point is that these gentlemen they just they did not just root the India 11,000 crore but they also claimed they also availed the interest subsidy from the government to the tune of 18,800-1800 crore so that's where the central bureau of investigation has registered a corruption and also cheating case against

these two directors of divine housing finance limited and also few other unnamed government officials for helping them to get this thousand eight hundred crore as subsidy from the government and they're also looking into this eleven thousand crore which has been rooted through several affections companies all right then over eighteen hundred crores as interest taken as subsidy from the government over there a very important case over there let's see what happens next on this run

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