All About the Intel Core i9 Powered Apple iMac

Monday, March 29, 2021

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The News Cover: so what all have we done differently with the i9 processor inside it you. know while it's still when we are using it we still feel like we're using like a 2018 computer so looks haven't changed at all from then and while a lot of people say I it's, still so great-looking, I still think it should change the actual performance and experience seems like it's from 2025 something from the future from editing videos heavy stuff 4k 8k creating animation rendering big huge images and videos hyperthreading to any task this iMac just blows everything out of the water.

I was a little afraid, that the thermals inside may not be able to live up to expectations and the performance and everything. else it would give would really heat up, this computer I'm very glad to report it hasn't other add-ons would I recommend the ram upgrade to the time you're buying an iMac well you can now go to 64 GB or even 128 GB but apple's prices for higher ram upgrades when you get a custom-built one are pretty expensive fortunately the ram is user-accessible and you can add more ram yourself I would definitely go to the 128 GB part if you want a pure performance machine another thing.

i would think is what the upgrade is the graphic card the one we got the Radeon pro 5000 xt series graphic we have on this machine is an absolute beast flies through anything we throw at it never stutters one more expensive option we wanted to try out was and I think this is just because we want to see what is this is nano texture glass option it's this matte-like finish that cuts glare dramatically in fact completely now unless you can't control the light in your room that may shine onto your monitor this is one you can easily live without so, in a nutshell, the iMac with the i9 is an incredible machine way superior to the standard configuration if you're a content creator into video editing image photoshopping anything related that means serious performance this is an absolute must-have

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