4 Killed In Bangladesh During Protests Against PM Modi's Visit

Saturday, March 27, 2021

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The News Cover: very violent clashes in Dhaka have marred celebrations, of the golden jubilee of Bangladesh's independence as the police fired tear gas and rubber bullets as a violent demonstration broke out over prime minister Narendra Modi's tour of Dhaka prime minister Modi's two-day tour his first abroad since the coronavirus pandemic began last year caps Dhaka 10-day celebrations already attended by leaders from Sri Lanka Nepal Bhutan and so what do we know so far four supporters of a hardline Islamist group are now dead.

which we are getting Sarah here in Dhaka is that there were there was a skirmish here in Dhaka and national near a national mosque in Dhaka and some people have been injured and also two journalists have been injured this is the report some of the agencies are giving apart from that there is there has been a violent clash in Chittagong which is around 250 kilometers away from Dhaka and in this, it seems that some people some miscreants try to attack 

the police station and try to throw the situation out of control but police fired the rubber bullets and tear gas the shells and the reports which are coming in is that four people have been killed in these clashes but let me tell you that these are protests have been happening ever since the date was fixed ever since the pm was supposed to come here Modi was supposed to come here but this is one group which is protesting continuously that is the haphazard group and they have been continuously protesting apart from that apart from these protests and these skirmishes 

which the police says it is mostly in control even Dhaka had seen last week Dhaka had seen some protests but now the program has gone the celebration has gone it was as it was intended the last day of this program was today where pm Modi was a special guest and sheik Hasina gave a very emotional speech here and remember Indira Gandhi and also said that India is a very close friend so this is quite an important visit and significant in many ways a special gesture by the Bangladesh prime minister receiving prime minister Narendra Modi personally 

the timing is both historic and significant there are triple celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the Bangladesh war of liberation one of India's major military victories which severed Pakistan's diplomatic relations with India as well as the centenary celebrations of the father of the nation there sheik mujibur Rahman his daughter sheik Hasina has been the prime minister since 2009 while Dhaka rolled out the red carpet Delhi laid the groundwork on its part awarding the Gandhi peace prize to Rahman 

who was assassinated in 1975 underscoring that this is pm's first visit abroad after the pandemic and it highlights the priorities attached to what the pm called a friendly neighboring country and Bangladesh is by far the biggest beneficiary of India's covet vaccine diplomacy the prime minister spelled out his vision of the spirit of good neighborliness in this article after resolving contentious issues like settling borders he writes a future within grasp where both people can study and work effortlessly

looking forward to the completion of an oil pipeline and a rail link between the two countries this year working to allow Bangladesh barges all the way to Varanasi our relations with India have now escalated to new heights we lowered prime minister Modi's neighborhood first policy sending vaccines for prevention of coronavirus to the neighboring countries including Bangladesh must be a reflection of that policy there are many contentious or outstanding issues bilateral ties 

were caught up in the rhetoric over the controversial citizenship amendment act with at least two Bangladesh ministers canceling their visit to India in later 2019. part of the political narrative in the election down Assam and West Bengal is based on infiltrators said to be from Bangladesh there seems to be a clear realization by India that even good bilateral relationships need to be worked upon and that is what pm Modi's Bangladesh visit is all about building on historical ties sorting out differences through dialogue and moving ahead together even Bangladesh wants this golden chapter to continue by the way it has honored India in its celebrations on this momentous occasion

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