Vaccine price cannot be more than 250 rupees

Finally, after clearing the fog, the Center has released a detailed list of government hospitals as well as some private hospitals in the country that

Saturday, February 27, 2021

/ by Avishek Bera


The News Cover: Finally, after clearing the fog, the Center has released a detailed list of government hospitals as well as some private hospitals in the country that can provide Corona antidote. Only five private hospitals in West Bengal in the list! As a result, the entire pressure of giving antidote in the polls will fall on the government hospitals. The Center has asked the state to be proactive in increasing the number of private hospitals. According to the Ministry of Health, private hospitals can charge a maximum of Rs 250 per dose of antidote. Of this, service charge is 100 rupees and antidote is 150 rupees.

Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gowda today held a separate meeting with the chief secretaries of eight states, including West Bengal, on the Corona situation. According to sources, the meeting directed the voters to start vaccination in the districts where the rate of infection is high, while ensuring that the voters in the polling states get the vaccine.

Sometimes only Sunday. After that, the vaccination campaign of 26 crore people of the country is going to start from Monday. Of these 26 crores, there are two types of people. One, those in their sixties. Two, who are between the ages of 45-59, but have long been victims of certain chronic diseases or problems.

The Ministry of Health has not been able to find a clear answer to the question of how much the medicine will cost, which private hospital it will be available for, and how to register. Today, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan met with Health Secretaries of all the states to discuss the details of the vaccination campaign. According to health ministry sources, the final list of private hospitals was received from the states at that meeting. After that, one can stand in line to take antidote at a private hospital in a state, the center said. In Uttar Pradesh, 1545 private hospitals will provide antidotes. But according to the central list, the service will be available in only five private hospitals in West Bengal. According to sources, The Center has urged the state administration to lobby for more private hospitals to be vaccinated in states like West Bengal. However, states have been asked to ensure that immunization centers are set up in government hospitals in every state except private hospitals.

Health workers and frontline workers are getting antidotes for free. Of the 26 crore people who will take antidote from government hospitals, they also do not have to spend money. The center had earlier said that the vaccine would have to be taken from a private hospital in exchange for money. The Center has set a maximum price of Rs 250 for a single dose of Corona Antidote so that private hospitals do not have to sit on the sidelines.

The question was how 27 crore people would register to take the antidote. Today, the Ministry of Health has clarified three ways. One, through the Co-Win application. However, as the modernization of the app is underway today and tomorrow, it is not possible to register in it at the moment. According to the source, the names can be registered through the app from tomorrow evening or Monday morning. Consumers will be able to register at a vaccination center near their home with GPS integration with this app.

Two, you can go to any vaccination center and show your age certificate directly. If you are over sixty years of age, you will get antidote. If you are between the ages of 45 to 59 and have 20 physical problems or diseases, you need to show a doctor's certificate. The list includes more than ten years of diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic kidney and liver problems, leukemia, HIV, sickle cell, heart problems, etc.

Three, the concerned state administration has to ensure that consumers are given antidotes in a group in one area. While West Bengal is among the eight states with which the Cabinet Secretary is meeting today to discuss the Corona situation, the situation in six states, mainly Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat, is of concern to the Center. In Maharashtra, 7333 people are still infected with corona. 361 people in Kerala. According to the Ministry of Health, the problems of each state are discussed in detail today. Where the situation is worrisome, there is an equivalent discussion of how many tests are being done. At the meeting, the center did not increase the corona test, The Center has emphasized the need to ensure that voters are vaccinated and that vaccination campaigns be launched in all districts where infections are high. If a 'cluster' of infection is found, the area should be declared a containment zone and surveillance should be increased. Special attention should also be paid to whether new strains of coronavirus are being found somewhere.

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