Sushant Singh Rajput : A Wake-up Call for the Indian Society

India crushed the dreams of Sushant Singh Rajput Not some producer, not some actress. It is India and Indians who are responsible for the death of....

Thursday, July 2, 2020

/ by Avishek Bera

News Cover: India crushed the dreams of Sushant Singh Rajput Not some producer, not some actress. It is India and Indians who are responsible for the death of Sushant Singh Rajput The toxic environment for dreamers in this country is directly responsible for it. Be it in the field of Sports, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship or Music. Brought up in Patna, Sushant was a Genius. 

A robust personality - Popular among ladies. Sushant had huge dreams in multiple fields Be it acting, science or business It is wrong and disrespectful to call sushant a failed actor Because of the simple reason - He was not a failure at all. And that is rpecisely why people are shocked. 

The trajectory of success in the capitalistic world like India (Entertainment) Is this - You work hard in the field you choose Be it cricket or acting or content creation If you get noticed, brands approach you. If you get more success, your brand value increases. You earn money. You invest that money into multiple ventures. And your profits and brand value increase further Finally you reach a point Where you are so financially secure that generations after you will be able to live because of you. Sushant was here. 

And it is precisely why it has shocked people to the core He was on his way. He was not a failure Just a couple of hit movies more Just a couple of brand endorsements more And Sushant would have been all time Superstar. He was almost there.. Sushant's death has not only broken many hearts But has also demotivated many dreamers. Now lets talk about the toxic environment which failed him Nope,its not entirely nepotism. Nepotism is just a part of it. A major part of this toxic environment is the incredibly judgemental society of India. 

When Sushant got a lot of success after the Dhoni biopic People started to hate him for no reason Take up any of Sushant's videos in which he is addressing to the media after his MSD success and see the OLD comments ! Comments like "He has gone arrogant" filled the comment section. Baseless allegations & speculations like - He deliberately left his old girlfriend to maintain an image in Bollywood And the incredible trolling he received whenever he posted something really intelligent on twitter and instagram. 

What right did you have to say that ? So many of you commented on the failure of Raabta Simply because everyone was doing it And probably you hadn't even watched the movie ! Did you know him personally ? Had he harmed you in any way ? What did you know about his struggles or mental health? All of you are shaming 'starkids' right now But did you go to the theatres to watch the absolute masterpiece of a movie like "Detective Byomkesh Bakshy" Did you watch the incredibly well crafted movie "Sonchiriya" in the theatres ? Did you make it a Superhit ? Now that he is gone, how conveniently you all are blaming 'starkids' and 'nepotism' Will you take the responsibility if Ananya Pandey commits suicide tomorrow because of the hate she is receiving for merely being born as a starkid. 

Something which was not in her control at all Yes, they get their chances easily But its on the audience to ultimately reject a star or not. India as a society needs to reflect upon itself Because it is seriously getting rotten day by day A genius mathematician like Vashishtha Narayan Singh Who had challenged Einstein's theory of relativity When he died... His family were forced to wait for an ambulance outside the hospital when his body was lying on a stretcher. This is the reality of how India treats its achievers. Our society loves to shame Dreamers. 

Our society does not reward risk-takers. You guys want others to fail. Thats probably why - India accounted for the highest estimated number of suicides in the world in 2012 Over 5 crore Indians suffered from depression And over 3 crore others suffered from anxiety disorders in 2015. 

Sushant was a dreamer A genius dying to express the complex thoughts going on in his mind One can easily tell he certainly was going through something I feel this incident might trigger suicides all across India Because people are slowly realising India is not a country for dreamers. We shouldn't forget only recently The founder of Cafe Coffee Day - VG Siddhartha committed suicide as well These incidents are telling us something. 

We need to question our system And we need to think why is a dreamer not rewarded in this country Only if.. We would have valued Sushant more when he was with us Only if we would have appreciated his intelligence And love for science and space. Only if we would have showered him with a lot of love. Lets not do the same mistakes with anyone else again And lets develop a culture of rewarding people who genuinely think different and are trying to achieve in their life. Otherwise We are going to see many more innocent smiles fade away Because of our toxic society.

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