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4-Digit Code In Co-Win To Prevent Data Entry Errors

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The News Cover: eighth may onwards when you go online to register yourself for the covid vaccine. you will receive a four-digit security code. this is a new security feature introduced by the ministry of health and family welfare. 

 we find out why is this introduced and what does it really, do so the ministry of health and family welfare says. that in multiple instances it was seen that citizens, who did not go on their scheduled date to the center still ended up, getting the message confirming their vaccination. 

now, this is happening because vaccinators were marking every single citizen, as vaccinated so basically it was a data entry error. that was happening on the part of vaccinators to avoid this confusion or error, this new security feature is introduced. so now when you get an SMS confirming your registration, you'll also get this code along with it, and when you go to the center before you get vaccinated. 

will have to share this code, with the vaccinator. who would not know anything about this, so it's a unique code that you would have got they will fill it in the co-win portal and only then you can get vaccinated and hence download your vaccination certificate, as well.

"India Squandered Early COVID-19 Success," Says Medical Journal Lancet

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The News Cover: India could see a staggering 1 million deaths, from covid-19. by the 1st of august, this is according to an editorial in the British medical journal Landsat, and if that outcome were to happen. they say that it would be the Modi government, that is responsible for India. squandered its early successes in controlling covid-19. the editorial says until April the government's covid-19 task force had not met in months. 

the lancer editorial quoted the institute for health metrics, and evaluation, and independent global health research organization. and giving its projection for this one million death by the first of august. the science journal, says that India must now restructure its response the success of that effort will depend on the government owning up. to its mistakes providing responsible leadership, and implementing a public health response. 

that has science at its heart it says the government must increase vaccine supply have an equitable distribution system. that covid not just urban but also rural and poorer citizens it says the government must publish accurate data on a timely matter saying that. at times Modi government has seemed more intent on removing criticism on Twitter, than trying to control the pandemic.


Coronavirus Update: India records highest death-toll ever COVID-19

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The News Cover: we are tracking for you. this hour India recorded over 4,00000 cases, for a third consecutive day. in a row and in another grand milestone marked, the highest ever single-day death, toll now the country. which is still reeling under a deadly second wave of the virus reported for the first time over four thousand deaths, in a single day. 

this takes the overall death toll past two hundred and thirty thousand India is the third country. after the u.s, and brazil, to report over 4,000 days, in a single day and India also reported over 400 and 1078 cases on Friday, taking the country's overall caseload to over 21 million as cases to continue to surge across the country. at least 14 states are reporting cases. 

in the thousands with Maharashtra reporting, the highest with about 54,000 cases Karnataka has clocked in nearly 49,000 while Kerala had over 38,000. this has prompted all states, in the country. to impose some form of lockdown Karnataka, on Friday. became the first day to impose a total lockdown. something that prime minister Narendra Modi, said was the last resort southern state will go into full lockdown mode from the 10th of May till the 20th.

Cop Conducts Haldi Ceremony in Police Station

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The News Cover: India is witnessing the second wave of COVID-19. Rajasthan has imposed strict restrictions to contain the spread of the virus. The state government announced a 15-day lockdown ending on 3rd May. Doctors, nurses, police officials, etc are working very hard to help COVID patients in overburdened hospitals. 

Police officials are working hard to ensure curfew rules are followed. Essential servicemen without a care for their lives are working round the clock to keep citizens safe. Here's an example of this. A police constable had applied for leave for her wedding's Haldi ceremony. However, due to a spike in infection, her request was denied. She accepted the decision and came up with an alternative. 

She decided to conduct the Haldi ceremony in the police station itself. Her colleague at the police station and family members attended the event. They enjoyed singing songs. Once the ceremony was done the constable was back to work. People praised her unique idea. People in the essential services are working very hard to contain the virus in India. We salute their efforts.

Why is politics in Bengal so violent?

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The News Cover: After independence, Indian National Congress ruled in West Bengal. But its dominance faltered in the 1960s. Dipankar Basu suggests that Bengal’s politics changed immensely in the 1960s. During this time period, Bengal witnessed peasant movements, led by peasants who lacked land, against the landlords. The motivation behind this movement was the domination of the landlords in the villages of Bengal even though India had gained independence. 

According to the Revenue Ministry of Bengal, in 1953, the landlords owned 93% of the 10 million acres of land. On March 25, 1967, a new movement started, when a sharecropper was brutally beaten by the landlord. His belongings were taken away when he tried tilling the land. Exasperated by the landlord’s misconduct, the peasants started a rebellion (movement). What was the name of the village where the rebellion originated? Naxalbari The ‘Naxal’ movement takes its name from this place. 

The Naxal movement was led by Charu Mazumdar, who believed that India needed a revolution. The rebellion gave rise to a class-based political movement in Bengal. For example, Congress became the party for upper-caste landlords and peasants. Similarly, CPI(M) became a party for middle-caste peasants and CPI(ML) for SC/ST peasants who lacked land. In 1972, even after Charu Mazmudar’s death (the founder of the movement), the movement continued to influence Bengal’s politics. Research has shown that during 1967-71, guns and bombs became a crucial part of state politics; not only in rural areas but in the towns as well. 

Political killings became commonplace in Calcutta. Several areas of Calcutta witnessed the dominance of the Naxal movement. For example, Shyambazar, Dumdum, College Street, Jadavpur, and Tollugunj. Naxal students vandalized statues, halted examinations, and killed police and government officials. Police responded by killing many Naxal activists and supporters in fake encounters. This violence wasn’t limited to the Naxals. The political violence began between Congress and CPI(M) too. 

The situation had worsened to an extent where every political party had hired their own hoodlums. During the 1971 Lok Sabha elections, not only the voters were scared to cast a vote but the booth officials too were scared to do their job. Hence, the government offered a cash bonus, free transportation and also promised to pay the medical expenses to encourage them to show up to work. Congress resorted to violence during the 1972 state elections. The party used muscle power to win the elections. Despite the use of muscle power, the Left-movement gained popularity in Bengal. 

Thus the Left parties won the 1977 state elections and formed a government. After securing leadership, the left government relied on two things to increase its dominance – Land reforms and Panchayati Raj institutions. In the 1980s, the left government launched Operation Barga to bring land reforms. For this, the government confiscated land from the landlords and redistributed it to peasants who owned little or no land at all. During the same time period, Bengal’s Panchayati Raj institutions had been developing too. As these institutions started receiving more funds from the central government, the significance of their elections increased too. 

CPM saw the panchayats as means to strengthen the support from SC, ST, and other minorities. Violence might have reduced due to the dominance of the Left government in the panchayats, but it changed Bengal’s politics dramatically. To cement its domination, the Left government deployed the same method that Congress had used for years – to destroy the democracy and give little or no space to the opposition. First, CPI(M) shut off several newspapers that criticized it. 

Secondly, in the process of winning the Panchayat elections, CPI(M) created a new political system, which is referred to by the political scientists as ‘Party-Society’. This is the system where the difference between society and politics diminishes and your identity depends on the political party you support. Researcher Partha Chatterjee told that the most important institution in West Bengal isn’t family, kinship, caste, or religion, but the political party that you support. How did the party-society system develop? 

Operation Barga could be the main influence for it. Before the operation, the disputes in villages were settled by the landlords. But the seizing of landlords’ power created a gap. The gap was filled by Left party workers. Party workers were not only responsible for the governance of the village but they also solved social, personal, and familial issues. Hence, the politics and society in Bengal merged into one. Apart from this, the Left parties were aware that solving the disputes in villages won’t secure them electoral votes. 

They needed to do something else. Hence, they launched several schemes which were actually funded by the government. But they were advertised as if the party initiated them. Initially, each and every villager benefited from these schemes. But over time, the funds and government’s efficiency reduced. This created discrimination. Who should benefit from the schemes and who shouldn’t? Those who benefited from the schemes supported the Left while those who didn’t start opposing them. This was the condition of the villages in Bengal for around 30 years. 

Due to this, the areas are divided into party lines. Party didn’t just want support in rural Bengal for elections. Its loyalty became crucial for survival too. Many houses were burnt and people were evicted because they supported different political parties. Marichjhapi refugee massacre is one such example. Where Dalit refugees or those belonging to lower-caste, migrated from East-Pakistan to Bengal, were either murdered by the Left government or died due to starvation. 

Because the refugees refused to relocate to the place of the government’s wish. They refused to become part of the United Central Refugee Council, an organization of CPI(M). They didn’t want to become part of a certain political party. Bengal’s politics witnessed a sharp turn when TMC was formed. Due to this, political violence spread in rural areas like wildfire. This was the first time when someone was challenging the Left government’s dominance. 

The left government was up against a coalition – between TMC and BJP. Partha Chatterjee wrote that even relatives were burning each other’s houses if one side supported the Left government and the other supported the TMC-BJP alliance. The political violence flipped completely in 2006 and 2007. The Left parties had maintained their dominance by addressing the issues of the poor. Now TMC played this role against Left parties. This was witnessed during Singur and Nandigram movements. The protest sparked violence and 14 were killed. This protest soared Mamta Banerjee’s popularity in Bengal. Due to this, Trinamool Congress (TMC) won the 2011 assembly elections. But this didn’t stop political violence. 

Violence in Bengal is not ordinary as in other regions of India, violence is associated with caste or religion. But that’s not the case with Bengal. Researches have shown that caste, religion, and other social divisions received little attention. Mostly, the social divisions lay on the party lines. It could be because of the ‘party-society’ political system created by the Left government. This trend has been changing with the rise of the BJP. You can see in this graph that there has been an upsurge in the number of communal riots in Bengal in 10 years. Researcher Suman Nath and Subhoprotim Roy Chowdhury wrote how religious polarization increased in Bengal since 2013. 

On the other hand, TMC is being accused of playing ‘politics of appeasement’ because many of its schemes are targeting Muslim religious leaders. Many villagers assert that TMC has brought social development but they also suggest that the development favors Muslims. For a Scroll news report, a villager stated that Mamta Didi has given them a lot but it’s lost in corruption among the party men. 

He added that Muslim villages are receiving more funds to build mosques. In politics, it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not? What matters the most is the perception of any political party. BJP is designing its political campaign based on this perception. Due to religious polarisation, we witnessed instances of political violence during the 2019 and 2021 elections. 

When you consider all these you might say that the story behind the violence hasn’t changed much. Political violence starts when the domination of a certain political party falters. The political party then uses violence to maintain its dominance. That’s why for the citizens of Bengal, politics and violence have been the two sides of the coin for years. This coin remains the same. Only the political actors change.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 - A Pleasant SURPRISE

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The News Cover: More information about Samsung’s new foldable smartphones is gradually coming out. Along with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung will also launch the clamshell Galaxy Z Flip 3. The design of the handset was leaked a few days ago, revealing a bigger cover display and a high-refresh-rate foldable screen. Now, the smartphone’s price has been leaked as well, and it looks like it we are in for a pleasant surprise. 

We also have tons of other good stuff to talk about but before that let's take a look at some realistic renders of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 courtesy of let'sgodigital. The quality of Z Flip 3's trailer video was nowhere near good, but these mockups give us a better look. There are a handful of design improvements, including the familiar two-tone aesthetic of the Google Pixel 2. There's a practical reason why Samsung chose this two-tone finish. You see since the cover display is increasing in size, so when the display is off, the phone would look ugly if there was only one color finish. As you can see in the old render. 

So the two-tone black would help hide the display from the surface resulting in a much cleaner-looking device. Anyway, the Z Flip 3 will be priced much lower than its predecessor. For context, the Z Flip was launched at $1400 while its 5G counterpart was even more expensive at $1450. But the Z Flip 3 on the other hand is expected to be almost $400 cheaper at best according to the latest reports from South Korea. According to the report, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will retail somewhere between $999 and $1,199 in the United States when it’s released this summer. 

That's really great news if it's true of course. Like I've said in the past if Samsung wants foldable phones to be the next big thing in mobile, prices will have to come down. Like way down. Foldable phones stand no chance if only a few people can afford them. So it looks like Samsung is finally pulling the plug with the Z Flip 3 by pricing it even cheaper than their latest S series flagship. Now, to make this happen Samsung is cutting corners here and there. The charger is one area. 

If you were hoping that Samsung would include a 25W charger with the Z Flip 3, then it’s not happening. According to the latest certification, the Z Flip 3 will only have a 15W charging support. That's a bummer because we're talking about at least $1000 here and Samsung should be ashamed to put a 15W on this phone when even their midrange phones have a 25W charger these days. But at the same time since the Z Flip 3 has only 3300mAh capacity, it would still take around an hour to fill it up 100% similar to their other flagships. With that said, Samsung has recently filed a trademark for the Z Flip along with a description that reads 'smartphones, tablets, protective covers; electronic pen; capacitive stylus'. 

This raises speculations that the Z Flip 3 may have the S Pen functionality as well. Both the Z Fold 3 and the Z Flip 3 will have the same display with the same Ultra-thin glass, so it's not out of the realm for Samsung to put the S Pen functionality on the Flip 3. But then trademarks are far from a guarantee that something is on the way for sure. So I would say let's wait for more details before assuming the S Pen support for the Z Flip 3. Of course, do consider subscribing for all the latest tech news and as always I'll see you tomorrow...peace out! 

Paytm will tell you if there is a vaccine slot available at the nearest center, how will the service be activated?

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The News Cover:  No question can be raised about the government's motives that are commendable. Experts around the world are also saying that it will not be possible to prevent the spread of the Covid 19 virus without building a strong immune system. But since May 1, the country has been facing the opposite problem. The right of all citizens above the age of 18 to get covid vaccine has been recognized, but it is not being provided in line with that demand. As a result, citizens are not getting slots in the nearby vaccination centers. Money transaction app Paytm has come forward to overcome that problem. From now on, the company will inform its users whether the slot is open at the nearest vaccination center.

It is learned that Paytm has added a new feature to their app called COVID-19 Vaccine Finder to help customers find the nearest vaccination center and find out if there are any slots. On the one hand, this feature will convey the news of the slot of the vaccination center to the customers, on the other hand, if the slot does not match, the notification can be set through it. As a result, vaccination is expected to be relatively simple. Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the founder of the company, recently tweeted from his official social media handle about this new feature. He said that the automated process of this new feature will be able to reduce the risk and waiting of the people to get vaccinated. He also mentioned that this COVID-19 Vaccine Finder feature will provide real time updates with the help of CoWIN API.

Not to mention coming to this place. Keep in mind that this COVID-19 Vaccine Finder feature from Paytm will only give you the news of whether or not there is a slot in the nearest center, nothing more. After receiving the real time update on whether there is a slot, users will have to book an appointment to take the vaccine through Arogya Bridge or CoWin app. Let's see how to activate this COVID-19 Vaccine Finder service of Paytm-

1. First of all, when you open the app, you have to enter it by clicking on Paytm's own Mini App Store below. 2. Now choose the Vaccine Finder option and type your pin code or district there. 3. In the next step, you have to choose between the 18+ and 45+ options. 4. Paytm will show you when the vaccination slot is available at the nearest center. 5. If slots are not available, click on Notify me when slots are available option. In that case, when the slot is available, the company will inform the user about it.

Do you invest Post Office Small Savings Scheme? Then you must know it

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 The News Cover: If you invest in small saving schemes of Post Office, you have to pay different charges for different services. Post office savings schemes are considered to be quite a safe option for investment. Good returns as well as customers' money will be protected. Most people invest money in post office savings schemes. But service charge has been imposed in the post office savings scheme. This charge is taken for new checkbook, account transfer, account statement.

Post Office Savings Scheme-

The post office currently has 9 small savings schemes. These include Post Office Savings Account, National Savings Recurring Deposit Account (RD), National Savings Time Deposit Account, National Income Monthly Account (MIS), Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS), Public Provident (NFC), Public Provident Fund ), Kisan Bikash Patra (KVP), Sukanya Samridhi (SSY). All schemes have different features.

- It will cost 50 rupees to issue a duplicate passbook.

- There will be a charge of Rs. 20 for issuing account statement and deposit receipt.

--If the certificate is lost or damaged, 10 rupees will be taken as registration fee for issuing passbook.

--There is a charge of 50 rupees for canceling or changing the nomination.

- There will be a charge of 100 rupees for account transfer.

--There is no fee for 10 checks in a financial year for issuing check book in savings account. But after that it costs 2 rupees per check.

- If the check bounces, you will be charged 100 rupees.

Post Office Savings Scheme-

- There will be a charge of 100 rupees for account transfer.

- If the check bounces, you will be charged 100 rupees.

COVID-19: How to Choose the Right Oxygen Concentrator for You

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The News Cover: Corona situation in the country is serious. In addition to medication, oxygen therapy has become necessary for the initial treatment of infected patients. At that time, there was a fight over oxygen all over the country. Patients and their families are suffering due to unscrupulous people selling oxygen cylinders in black. In the oxygen crisis people are now looking for alternatives.

An alternative is the Oxygen Concentrator. The function of this oxygen concentrator is to collect oxygen and nitrogen present in the air and to supply fresh air to the patient through nasal cannula or oxygen mask. Oxygen concentrators can produce 95% pure oxygen. It has an oxygen sensor, so it can show how much pure air is being supplied. There are many types of oxygen concentrators available in the market now, and this report highlights the many advantages of the right oxygen concentrator.

1. Due to the sudden increase in demand for oxygen concentrators, its market is available both offline and online. Some websites, such as 1mg, Nightingales India, Healthklin, and Healthgenie are selling oxygen concentrators. However, the buyer should be careful as there are some websites that are selling nebulizers and humidifiers at the price of oxygen concentrator.

2. The trusted brands to buy Oxygen Concentrator are Equinox, Oxlife, Inogen, Aspen, OCM, Yuwell.

3. If the oxygen concentrator is chosen correctly, then the danger is not over. Because every patient needs a certain speed of air flow. Therefore, with the advice of a doctor, the patient should be given the right amount of oxygen.

4. Oxygen concentrators dissipate different levels of electricity. If you use it with the advice of a doctor, you should also keep an eye on the ability to run on a back-up battery even if there is no electricity.

5. After buying an oxygen concentrator, its oxygen level should be checked. Most oxygen concentrators claim to provide 8-99% pure oxygen. However, its value varies according to the model. In most cases portable oxygen concentrators do not provide pure oxygen.

Sarbananda Sonowal Or Himanta Biswa Sarma? Who Will Be The Next Chief Minister Of Assam

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 The News Cover: The BJP has managed to form a government for the second time in Assam even though it has no defense in Bengal. But from there the question has started to arise, this time who is the face of the Chief Minister? BJP All India President JP Nadda has come to the meeting to find a solution. Sources said that Himanta Bishwasharma and Sarbananda Sonwal will meet Nadda at the Delhi headquarters today. Home Minister Amit Shah and BL Santosh Rao may be present at the meeting at 10.30 am.

In Assam, the assembly contest was for 127 seats. In the fight, the BJP has gone far ahead of the Congress-led alliance. The Congress held 50 seats. The BJP-led NDA won 65 seats. Of course, the discussion about who is the face of the Chief Minister has already taken place. According to sources, Assam is putting some pressure on the BJP to remove Sarbananda Sonwal and bring in Himanta Bishwasharma. Delhi leaders also have close ties with Himanta Bishwasharma. The BJP, however, has been saying in a very Bengali tone that it will be decided after the election who will be the face of the Chief Minister.

Himanta Bishwasharma was an important face of the Congress in the past. Though he joined BJP from Congress, his image did not take much toll. On the satate, his acceptance is further enhanced by the way in which assam get him during Corona's time. Due to his organizational power, the BJP's organizational power has increased in the whole of North East India. As a result, Himanta Bishwasharma is in the good book of Amit Shah and Narendra Modi. So is Himanta Bishwasharma going to get the dividend of the last three years? The answer may be found today.

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