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Cricketer Yuvraj Singh Arrested & Released on Bail

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 The News Cover: In June 2020 Cricketers Rohit Sharma & Yuvraj Singh had both gone live on Instagram. During life, they were making fun of each other. The two cricketers were mocking Indian cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal's TikTok videos. Rajat Kalsan is an activist advocating against the discrimination of the Dalit community. Kalsan was enraged when he saw that Yuvraj used a casteist slur against Chahal. Netizens flooded the comments sections and were enraged over the inappropriate comment. After the incident, Yuvraj posted a statement on his official Twitter handle saying, "I am very sorry. 

It was never my intention to insult any community. We were just joking around with each other. If I have unintentionally hurt anybody's sentiments or feelings, I am very sorry. I love India and its people. I never intended to insult anyone. Once again I am very sorry." Kalsan in February 2021 filed a complaint against Yuvraj Singh for his casteist slurs. On 16 October, in Hansi, Haryana, the police summoned Yuvraj Singh. Singh who was staying in Chandigarh appeared before the police in Hansi. Singh was accompanied by four to five staffers and his security personnel. 

The cricketer was questioned by the police for 2-3 hours after which he was arrested but he was immediately released on bail. The case will start in the SC/ST court in Hansi where Yuvraj will have to attend the hearing. The court will decide if Yuvraj was wrong and what punishment to give him.

NAD Requests PM Modi to Make ISL an Official Language

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 The News Cover: Delhi's NAD - National Association of the Deaf's President A.S.NARAYANAN has sent an open letter to Prime Minister Modi. The letter demanded the recognition of Indian Sign Language (ISL) as an official language. In the letter, NAD praises PM Modi for launching the ISL dictionary which has excited the Deaf Community. President Narayanan has said that if ISL is not recognized, Deaf individuals in India would continue to suffer due to lack of accessibility. They will be deprived of their right to information, employment, etc. 

They mentioned that the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities mandates that sign language be accorded equal status as other spoken languages. Also, India’s Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016 states the importance of ISL, stresses that teachers in colleges, schools, universities must use ISL. 

It also mandates ISL interpretation on television so that people get clear information. In order to fulfill the above-mentioned mandates, NAD believes ISL needs to be recognized. If this does not happen there will be no accessibility. Among the 22 official languages, the association said the Dogri language is spoken by 2.3 million people and the Maithili language is spoken by 15 million people in India. ISL is the mother tongue of 18 million Deaf people in India. 

Yet our language remains unrecognized, even when there are so many Deaf individuals in the country. NAD has written the letter to PM Modi hoping he accepts and makes history. This would make the Deaf Community very happy. Visit NAD's website here, and click on either the PDF or Word document of the letter sent to PM Modi. Print out the letter, sign it, fill in your details and post it to Modi. Hopefully, this might convince the Prime Minister to recognize ISL. So please do it!

Aryan Khan Eats Only Biscuits & Water in Jail

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The News Cover: Superstar Shah Rukh Khan's Son Aryan Khan is currently in the Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai. The court & the NCB has denied his bail 3 times. There have been many rumours about Aryan discomfort face by him in jail. The Arthur Road prison authorities serve sheera-poha to inmates for breakfast. Lunch and dinner includes chapati, sabzi, dal and rice. But Aryan has refused all these meals. He has purchased biscuits and 12 bottles of water from the jail canteen and has been surviving on this. 

The star couple- Shahrukh and Gauri- are extremely worried as their son who is used to living in luxurious homes & gourmet meals, is now sleeping on a metal bed with low quality food. The couple are having sleepless nights over this and want him back. The couple is avoiding stepping out of their lavish bungalow as they want to avoid the media glare. They have again filed for bail and the decision would be announced today. 

His mother wanted to send home-cooked meals to him but the NCB and the court refused to give permission. Even the other accused have not been allowed home-cooked meals to maintain fairness and they have to eat jail food.

UP Girl Raped by Father & SP, BSP Leaders

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 The News Cover: A 17-year-old girl in Uttar Pradesh’s Lalitpur district has accused 28 people of raping her for many years. She has said that her father, many of his close relatives, members of the Bahujan Samaj Party, and the Samajwadi Party have raped her. In her complaint, she said that when she was in 6th standard, her father used to show her pornographic films. One day he had taken her to empty farmland where he raped her. He told her not to tell anyone about the incident otherwise he would take her mother's life. The girl had no option but to oblige. The girl's father took her to a hotel and gave her snacks filled with sedatives. 

She then fell unconscious in the hotel room. The father then allowed his relatives and members of political parties to rape her. SP leader Tilak Yadav and his friends also allegedly raped her. The father took money from them to rape her. The girl's maternal uncle, relatives, and many uncles also raped her. She suffered at the hands of these men and also her cousins. Her grandmother was also aware of the incident but hushed it up. 

After years of torture, the girl somehow managed to go to the police and filed a complaint. The police shocked over the incident filed an FIR against the 8 accused. SP leader Tilak Yadav has said he did not rape the girl and the allegations were false. If implicated he has threatened to commit suicide as being an SP leader he can not bear to see his image ruined.

Man Slits Woman’s Throat in Delhi

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The News Cover: A shocking incident was caught on CCTV camera wherein a woman was killed by a man in a chilling murder. Let me tell you what happened. In Delhi's Dwarka, a 30-year-old lady named Vibha ran a small vegetable shop in the area with her husband. Vibha was murdered by a man named Deepak. Vibha was standing outside a shop and trying to drive the man away with a stick-like object. The man was in a drunken stupor and Vibha was trying to drive him away. The man then calmly put his bag down and removed a knife from the bag. Vibha tried to defend herself but the man in an instant slit her throat. A passer-by saw Deepak putting the knife back in the bag and running away. 

Locals started running after him and somehow caught him and beat him up. The police reached the spot and tried to save the accused from the crowd. The police were attacked and their vehicle was damaged as the people did not want to hand over the accused to the police and wanted to beat him for killing the woman. Deepak was then admitted to Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital with severe injuries. Vibha was immediately rushed to the hospital where the doctors declared her dead on arrival. The police have arrested five people in the case as they had taken the law into their own hands and beaten up the accused instead of handing him over to the police. Instead, they were obstructing government work. The accused Deepak who is in the hospital now will be arrested once he is discharged.

2-Finger Test Performed on IAF Officer

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 The News Cover: There is an Air Force Academy in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, wherein training is conducted. It also has a medical facility. A woman officer was raped by a 29-year-old Flight Lieutenant. Let me tell you what happened. After a day's work, the woman was asleep in her room when the male officer entered her room and raped her. She kept pushing him away but since she had hurt her ankle the previous day she could not push him off and he raped her. After raping her, the man left the room. The woman was very angry and the next day she confronted him and the officer apologized. 

The woman then filed a complaint with the Air Force Officials who sent her for a medical checkup at the Air Force medical facility. The woman agreed and went to the medical facility. The woman narrated her story at the hospital. A 2-Finger test was conducted on her in which the doctor inserts two fingers inside the woman’s vagina to check if she was really raped. This was an old method used to ascertain rape. The woman was not at all comfortable with this. This test has been banned by the Supreme Court of India. There are many other tests used to ascertain whether a woman has been raped or not. The 2 finger test was banned as it violates the dignity of a woman. The woman filed a complaint with the police. 

She was asked, to either withdraw her complaint or sign a complaint letter with changes made to it. She, however, refused to do that as the letter mentioned that she wasn't raped and there was a misunderstanding. She refused to sign the letter. The officer was then arrested and sent to jail. However, a high court handed over the case to the IAF and the officer has been sent to an IAF jail. Now the Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari said that it is impossible that a "two-finger test" was conducted on a woman officer. The IAF and Indian Army are known to support men and oppress their women staff. Hopefully in this case a proper investigation is conducted to find the truth.

COVAXIN Vaccine Approved for Children in India

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 The News Cover: Bharat Biotech submitted data from clinical trials in the 2 - 18 age group for Covaxin to CDSCO. CDSCO studied the data and said that it is safe to use on children and will help protect them against the Coronavirus. That final approval - viewed as a formality - will be given by the DCGI. 

Zydus Cadila's three-dose was the 1st vaccine that was approved for children and adults above the age of 12. the second vaccine cleared Covaxin for use on kids in India. Serum Institute of India’s Novavax was cleared for conducting trials on children between seven and 11 years last month by the DCGI. The 4th could be Biological E's Corbevax which is being tested on children above the age of five.

Pakistani Terrorist Planning to Attack Delhi Arrested

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 The News Cover: The festive season is in full swing with Dussehra & Diwali soon approaching. Terrorists were planning a terror attack during this time but the terror module was busted by the Delhi Police. They had received a tip-off about this and were able to arrest Mohammad Ashraf. An AK-47 rifle, one hand grenade and two pistols with 50 rounds of bullets were found on him. Do you think Ashraf enter India recently? No! This will come as a shock to you that Ashraf has been staying in India for 10-15 years. 

He was a terrorist from Pakistan and was associated with their intelligence agency ISI. He had entered India through the Siliguri border in West Bengal via Bangladesh. He had obtained Indian fake identity cards like Aadhar card, PAN card, etc. Mohammad Ashraf had been living under a fake name, Ali Ahmed Noori. The police siezed all the fake documents. He even married an Indian woman in Ghaziabad to acquire Indian citizenship. 

Ashraf even acquired an Indian passport to traveled to Thailand and Saudi Arabia. He was currently staying at Ramesh Park in Delhi's Laxmi Nagar area. Now he has been arrested by the Delhi Police. Last month, six terrorists were planning to carry out a series of blasts in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, etc. However, the 6 of them were arrested and the blasts were prevented.

Tahira Kashyap in ICU Because of Doodhi/ Bottle Gourd Juice

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 The News Cover: Actor Ayushman Khurana wife Tahira Kasyap. She is a cancer survivor and had even shared a blackless picture of her cancer surgery scar. She shared motivational content on her Instagram to inspire other cancer patients. She has also been sharing her fitness journey for a long time. Recently she was admitted to the ICU in a very critical condition for 2 days. Why was she in the ICU when she had beat cancer. 

Has her cancer relapsed? No, this time the reason was Bottle Gourd juice. You may not agree to this as Bottle Gourd is extremely healthy and filled with minerals, nutrients, vitamins, etc. Tahira has been drinking a bottle of gourd juice every day, so how come she landed in the hospital. Tahira shared a video on her Instagram where she said, "I regularly drink bottle gourd juice but one day the juice was bitter. However, I still drank it. Then I started vomiting the whole day. I was vomiting blood as well. 

My blood pressure dropped to 40 and I was in a horrible condition. I was quickly taken to the hospital where the doctor said this is because the bottle gourd was raw when it was juiced. One must not consume it raw. Raw bottle gourd is extremely toxic and can be lethal. I am lucky to be alive because I was taken to the hospital on time." Remember always ask the vegetable vendor if the bottle gourd is ripe or how long it will take to ripen. Only then buy it. Do not blindly drink it. Take care of your health and remember this.

Why Titan and other Jewellery stocks are going up - Titan share latest news

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The News Cover: Hi, the leading company of watches, jewelry, and eyewear categories, TITAN's share price increased by 9% today i.e, 7th of Oct. It touched its 52-week high. So, in today's article, we will tell you the reasons behind the rally in Titan's share price. 

The first is that the company recorded good sales in Quarter 2 of the Financial year 2021-22. In quarter 2 of FY22, Titan India Ltd.'s jewelry business increased 78% year on year. The company added 13 new stores in this quarter as well. Also, in the watches and wearable segment, we saw 73% year-on-year growth. Also, in the eyewear segment, 74% year-on-year growth. 

The second reason is the recovery in demand for the company's products. After Covid 2nd wave, a strong recovery in all consumer business has been seen. The companies' sales are touching or crossing pre-pandemic levels. Titan said that except for a few towns, the rest stores were fully operational. Overall, the store operational days recorded 90% more in this quarter. 

The third reason is the upcoming wedding and festive season. Hence the demand for Titan's jewellry and watches may increase in the next quarter. Apart from this, gold prices have been stable in the past few months. Hence, strong festive and wedding season demand will accelerate Titan's growth trajectory. So, investors can be positive about the company's performance. 

Also, increasing vaccinations and unlocking along with upcoming weddings and festive season, investors are positive about overall jewellry sector stocks. Around 11.30 am today, the stock price of Kalyan Jewellers was also 9.43% up. Also, by 11.30am today, Rajesh Exports Ltd- 0.63% up, Vaibhav Global- 1.95% up and Goldiam International- 3.93% up. This was a small update on Titan. 

We would like to remind you that this article is for educational purposes only, and is not a buy or sell recommendation of any kind. Also, we have launched our new trading channel. Here we will explain trading concepts like charts, indicators, futures & options, etc. to all our viewers in a simple manner. 

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