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Who is Gautam Adani?

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 News Cover: Really who is Gautam Adani, yeh banda hai Kaun? aur Kahan se aya ? and why is everyone hating on him? I asked myself this question and started looking into it, I was quite shocked. By some of the things I learned and I am going to present them to you today with zero bias. and today we are going to look at all the bad press that the Adani group has been getting and see if it's well deserved or not. I talk about Adani and the farmer’s protest but to get there we are going to go through the beginning and the rise of the Adani empire. On the list of the top 10 richest Indians, there are 4 people who have come from humble beginnings, the other 6 have their families to thank for their wealth. 

Gautam Adani who today is the 2nd richest man in India is one of the self-made men. His father was a middle-class textile merchant in Gujrat and Adani was one of 7 siblings. In his second year of college, he dropped out and moved to Mumbai to work as a diamond sorter He worked there for 2-3 years before establishing his own diamond brokerage firm. A few years later his brother bought a plastics unit in Ahmedabad and roped him in. This venture turned out to be Adani's gateway to global trading. 10 years later Manmohan Singh’s liberalization of the economy gave him a big push, and from just plastics, he expanded the business into trading of all these But his golden ticket that came in 1994, when he bagged the contract for managing the Mundra port, this was the first time that the government of Gujrat was outsourcing the management of the port. Now the point to be noted the chief minister at that time was Chimanbhai Patel and the ruling party was the congress. 

By the time Narendra Modi became Chief Minister of Gujrat Adani was already a very rich man who was handling the largest private sector port in India and had started Adani Power Limited. Today both companies are number one in their field TO say that he has led an interesting life well that would be an understatement. In 1998 he was abducted and held hostage for a ransom of 11.5 crores and mysteriously released without any money being paid. This was not the only time that he had a close call with danger. Adani was also present at the Taj Hotel during the 26/11 attacks. Approximately 166 people lost their lives but Adani was amongst the lucky people who managed to escape. After the Gujrat riots, all the big industrialists who make up the CII were unhappy with the way Chief Minister Narendra Modi handled things. At that time Mr. Adani was the only one to stick his neck out for Mr. Modi. He kept his headquarters in Ahmedabad and he was a key player behind the vibrant Gujrat campaign. Besides giving CM Modi his private airplane to travel the county for his campaigning. 

All of this seems to have paid off once Narendra Modi became Prime Minister. According to an article in live mint – when the BJP announced Narendra Modi as the primistarial candidate for the first time, Adani saw his wealth jump from 2billion to 6billion in 9 months’ time which means he was making 25 million dollars a day. Adani has had a meteoric rise to his wealth as you can see in this image, and since Mr. Modi came into office, as prime minister, Adani’s net worth has increased by about 230 percent to more than $26bn as he won government tenders and built infrastructure projects across the country. For eg: In 2020 despite having no experience 7 major airports around India were leased to the Adani group. Other companies who had prior experience in managing airports were kept away from the bidding process and despite the AAI act saying that no airport can be leased for more than 30yrs, the Adani group walked away with a lease of 50yrs. It would be understandable for one to believe that to do business in India a certain amount of corruption is necessary, so as an experiment I went to google and typed … Tata scam Ambani scam Birla scam, and Godrej scam. 

Tata got a cleaned chit nothing showed up, Godrej one thing showed up – but it seems that the poor gut they were scammed by someone else, Birla scam has something to do with coal in 2012 and the case has been dropped since. With Ambani 99% of the articles have to do with Anil Ambani and the only major scam as far as Mukesh is concerned has to do with his family’s income tax payments. But remember when the Panama papers came out and they revealed that rich people are part of a conspiracy to dodge taxes and hoard their wealth nothing really happened so we will pardon Mukesh Bhai.

 Maybe all these people are really good at SEO and covering their tracks and poor adani still has to learn how to play the google game because google adani scam and its never-ending pages. It seems that along the way many exceptions were made and mistakes were pardoned for the Adani group and yet they marched on to bigger and better things like Adani won the world's largest solar bid by SECI worth $6 billion. Adani has been sanctioned special economic zone for plants and ports giving him immense tax benefits, despite opposition from the public.

How Much Money Do Indian Olympic Winners Make? Tokyo Olympic 2021

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 News Cover: Indian athletes at the Olympics are given the highest prize money in the world Yup you heard that correctly. In this episode, I will be breaking down the maths of it all Who makes what, And is India really upping its game? I would love to see you there. especially on WhatsApp, and let cheer the Indian contingent on as they make their way to the Tokyo Olympics 2021 The International Olympic Committee doesn’t give any prize money, the athlete gets the medal, and of course, the glory that one brings to their nation. was researching the media was talking about this chart – which shows Singapore awarding its medallist’s with the highest amount in the world Gold $1 million and this much for the others And so I got wondering how much does India give its athletes in our country medalists get awarded twice - once from the ministry and once from the state that they represent. The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports in India – gives its athletes 75lakhs for gold medal 50lakh and 30 lakhs respectively. 

Additionally, the central government will also give Rs 10 lakh to each athlete for participating in individual and team events. And they have been giving our athletes a monthly stipend of Rs50,000 since 2017, in preparation for the Olympics. now when it comes to the different states and their cash prizes we see the amount ranging from 6 crores to 10lakhs. This year in the Indian contingent there are many bright prospect’s and wrestlers Bajrang Punia and archer Atanu Das are two of the brightest. If Bajrang clinches the gold, he will pocket Rs 6 crore as cash award from his state while Das will have to be satisfied with just Rs 25 lakh. Other states like. UP, Odisha and Chandigarh are offering Rs 6 crore for gold followed by Karnataka and Gujarat and then you have Delhi Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan Punjab has 26 athletes heading to the Olympics this year one of the highest across India. A monetary boost of Rs. 5 lakhs has also been given to all athletes who qualify. 

While their winners will get 2.5crores. So yes India is awarding its athletes more than any other country in the world other than Singapore for that gold. So if you do get here and you do achieve this then all the sacrifices and hard work make financial sense. Last Olympics 2016 – PV Sindhu ultimately walked away with 10crores for her win. She got 5 crores and 3 crores from. these states along with her national cash prize. In fact, even Sindhu’s coach P Gopichand was awarded Rs 1 crore. So let’s understand that not all countries even give these rewards The United Kingdom, for example, does not offer specific medal bonuses but rather devotes approximately $162 million USD of government and lottery funds to Olympic sports each year. But compared to the rest of the world India doesn’t win many medals and so the high amount for gold is usually there for nations that don’t top the list of medal-winning countries. Take Singapore for eg: they won 1 gold in 2016 – and have won 5 medals till now in the history of their participation. Compare that to the united states which have won this many medals. Legendary swimmer Michael Phelps himself has walked away with 28 Olympic medals. that’s the total number of medals that India has even won at the Olympics When you see this table you realize that the countries that have won lots of medals offer lesser prize money to their athletes. 

The medals and bonuses may be worth a fortune, but in some countries, the money does not go straight to athletes' accounts. In India, Abhinav Bindra was first taxed for his Olympic win but he moved to the courts for an appeal ultimately he wasn’t. Hopefully the same applies to our athletes this year. American medalists have to pay taxes on the prize money awarded to them but they also get taxed on the value of the medals themselves In Singapore, 20% of the cash prize the medalists make has to go back to the NSA This year in India the bets seem much higher, we have a contingent of 119 athletes this will be India's largest-ever contingent at the Olympics. Despite all these numbers, the sad truth is that even though in the last handful of years investing in athletics and sports has seen an increase in govt and corporate funding the truth is that a lot of national state level and ex-international level athletes are not taken care of by us. Being an athlete means you are dedicating your life to the hope of bringing glory to your country, it is my humble opinion that we should be doing more for all our sportsmen who are not a part of ip l. Are we finally taking sports other than cricket more seriously? Who are you rooting for at the Olympics? Let's send them all the good vibes and wish them all the luck. Here’s to the Indian contingent at the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar discussed travel challenges during pandemic

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The News Cover: u.s secretary of state Anthony blinked met with, the Indian external affairs minister sj Shankar today as the two countries aimed to enhance cooperation on a range of issues. in focus was the security situation in "Afghanistan both India" and we have backed a peace process, that is afghan-led and afghan owned but the rise in violence in the country. has sent alarm bells ringing both sides remained committed to a free and stable Afghanistan, without the Taliban taking over the country regarding Afghanistan. it is essential that peace negotiations are taken seriously by all parties, the world wishes to see an independent sovereign democratic and stable Afghanistan. at peace with itself and with its neighbors but its independence and sovereignty will only be ensured if it is free from malign influences, first as I noted we remain very much engaged in Afghanistan in support of the government. 

through the various forms of assistance, we're providing including to the security forces as well as the diplomacy that we're engaged in to try to bring the parties together in a meaningful way to resolve. the conflict peacefully and ultimately an Afghanistan that does not respect. the rights of its people an Afghanistan that commits atrocities against its own people would become a pariah state also a key focus. area was the indo-pacific with the two leaders stressing on their commitment to a free and prosperous indo-pacific and president Biden feels a deep personal commitment to making our friendship with India as strong and as effective as it can be we believe this partnership. will be critical for delivering stability and prosperity in the indo-pacific region and beyond in a globalized world today you know India has interests far beyond its immediate borders, certainly, we have interest in the Indian ocean in the pacific ocean in the indo-pacific our major trade partners are there our major trade routes are there our political partners are there we have big community interests. 

I mean any parameter you use you know it's very visible that India has an interest in the indo-pacific, the rise of the court was another crucial topic of discussion. the u.s and India are part of the cord regional alliance that includes japan and Australia the alliance is a move to counter china's growing economic and military strength and ensure a free and open indo-pacific, what the quad is actually quite simple. but as important as it is simple four like-minded countries India the united states, japan, Australia, coming together to work collectively, on some of the most important issues of our time that are going to have a real impact on the lives of our people and to do it in a way that hopefully ensures a free and open indo-pacific region and peace security and prosperity for the people of that region. so what we're doing together is coordinating pooling our resources pooling our thinking and actively collaborating on a whole variety of issues. 

that have an impact on the lives of our people on covid19, and the vaccine initiative that we took with the first leaders meeting that took place just a few months ago. the two sides also lauded their cooperation during the covid 19 pandemic jaishankar and lincoln both thanked each other, for the assistance that the two sides have received to deal with the crisis. let me first acknowledge the responsiveness of the Biden administration to keeping the raw materials supply chain open for vaccine production in India, and then say a big thanks for the support. we received during the Covid second wave from the united states. support that I would say was truly exceptional Washington has long viewed New Delhi as a key partner and the Biden administration has focused on India u.s ties since taking charge blinken is the third Biden administration official to visit India in the last six months after defense secretary Lloyd Austin and climate on royal jean Kerry and our principal diplomatic correspondent than sival has been getting us all these updates and monitoring that visit very closely. 

aside if you can elaborate, on the key takeaways from the discussions on the Afghan security situation between the two leaders well yes Afghanistan. the top the priority, when it comes to the conversation whether it's with em dr SJ Shankar or whether it's with nsa aj Duval but at the press statement there was quite a bit elaboration on how both sides are converging, in fact, the Indian external affairs minister did point out that there is considerable convergence between Washington and New Delhi. when it comes to the evolving Afghan situation and what interesting point was made by the em was that India doesn't want that there are terror safe havens in Afghanistan or neither Afghanistan should become a source of refugees and this is for the first time that India has talked about the refugee crisis which has been a worry as well for the regional countries. this has been very for the European Union as well which has publicly talked about it but India is another country that has now publicly talked about the refugee crisis that might start because of the increased violence level in Afghanistan because the Taliban is making territorial gains. 

but the message was a clear message, was that if you try to grab power through violence this is something that will not be accepted and both sides publicly said that there should be talks between the Afghan government and Taliban, in fact, there are talks which are happening the inter afghan talks in Doha but the process is very slow and it looks like Taliban is trying to buy the time they, of course, have been talking about the release of their prisoners approximately seven thousand Taliban prisoners in the Afghan government's custody while the Afghan government has been talking about the ceasefire which is required so that there is less impact on the civilians so it is a power-sharing agreement. which both sides and regional countries and Washington are looking for a power-sharing between Taliban and the Afghan government but will it happen is a big question given that the on-ground Taliban is making gains and it would not like to have a power-sharing agreement when it believes that it is very close to Kabul nonetheless so that remains a key worry for the regional countries and both India and u.s have in fact voiced their concerns from here from new Delhi something that the Kabul will be keenly noting.

Hotel Room Pictures of Drunk Wayne Rooney Go Viral

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 The News Cover: Wayne Rooney was an amazing football player. He also played for the Manchester United football team. Rooney has been married to model Coleen since 2008 and has four sons. The couple was having problems with their marriage because of his drinking problem. He had decided to quit drinking. He is also the coach of the Derby County football team. On 24th July 2021, in England's Manchester. Models Tayler Ryan, Brooke Morgan, Elise Melvin went to the Chinawhite club, for a friend's birthday party. Rooney was at the club as well. Despite having quit drinking, he was indulging in alcohol and having a great time. Rooney was seen speaking with a scantily-clad blonde woman who appeared to wear a backless top. He even hugged her and kissed her. 

He was clicked doing all this. Later, Rooney then invited the 3 girls to his VIP booth. The gang proceeded to have fun & drink. After a while, then the three girls, Rooney, and 2 other friends went to the Staycity Hotel. Rooney was passed out drunk in a chair and the girls then took selfies with him. The images posted on Snapchat - this is the sign name - went viral. 

These images shocked his fans across the world. In one photo, a bleary-eyed Rooney is waving a glass of wine in the air. He seemed to be sloshed and had passed out on the chair. The girls took selfies with him. In an image, Rooney is passed out drunk, and behind him, a girl is seen laying on the bed in her lingerie. The image went viral. One girl who was wearing a thong, flashed her bottom next to Rooney. The image went viral on Snapchat. When Rooney woke up the next morning, he quickly left the hotel and filed a complaint with the police. According to him, the pictures were taken and posted on social media without his permission. Rooney’s friends said that nothing happened at the hotel. The three girls left the hotel at 12.30pm and they confirmed they had a great time spending the night with Rooney but refused to go into detail.

Shilpa Shetty Breaks Down While Giving Statement

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News Cover: Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra was arrested in Mumbai over a pornographic video case on 19 July. On 23rd July, he was denied bail and was remanded to further custody. The police took Raj Kundra to his Juhu residence. The police took him to search his house for documents and also to interrogate his wife Shilpa Shetty. Upon reaching the house, a huge argument broke out between Kundra and Shilpa Shetty. This is according to police sources. 

While giving her statement to the police, Shilpa Shetty broke down. When the cops asked her if she was aware of Kundra's involvement in Hot Shots App she said, "I was aware of the App but I was unaware of the exact nature of the content on the App. There is a difference between 'erotica' and 'pornography'. My husband was never involved in Pornography." Shilpa also said and she stands by her husband. but police have recorded a statement and will analyze it. 

If needed we will question her again. Officials also claimed that during the search they found a cupboard hidden in a cavity in which they found many documents. also seized 48 TB of images & videos, which were adult content. and They have also had a record of transactions and an account in Yes Bank registered to Mr. Kundra and to one of the United Bank of Africa. Officials suspect money from the sale of pornographic content was used for online sports betting. Rs 7.5 crore has been seized so far. 

Mirabai Chanu Wins Silver Medal at Tokyo Olympics

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The News Cover: Mirabai Saikhom Chanu is from Manipur, India. 5 years ago she took part in the weightlifting category at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Everyone hoped she would win a medal but sadly she could not secure a medal. Now at the age of 26, Chanu took part in the Tokyo Olympics in Japan. She secures a silver medal for weightlifting. She is the 1st Indian woman to win a silver medal in weightlifting. 

Indians lauded her achievements and we're very proud of her. She became the first Indian weightlifter to win the silver medal in the 49 kg category. Before her Karnam Malleswari, had won a bronze at the 2000 Sydney Olympics in Australia. After her, no weightlifter secured an Olympic victory. Finally, Mirabai Chanu won and has also become the 1st weightlifter to win a silver medal. After winning, Chanu spoke to the media and said, “ I trained hard to train and made many sacrifices. I have not eaten my favorite food, which is pizza, in a long time. I did this to focus on my training and my aim was to win a medal at the Olympics. Now that I achieved my dream and secured a silver medal, I am overjoyed and relieved. Now I will surely go eat a pizza." Immediately after this Pizza company Dominos Tweeted, “Mirabai Chanu, Congratulations on winning making your dream come true. India is very proud of you. 

Whenever you go to a Dominos pizza outlet, we will give you free pizzas for life. Once again, congratulations!" Chanu had been working as a tickets inspector in the Indian Railways. After her win, an overjoyed Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren said, "Congratulations Mirabai! I am elated by your victory. You no longer have to be a ticket-checking inspector in the railways. Once she returns to India, I will give you a suitable job as a token of gratitude." Boxer Mary Kom, table tennis player Manika Batra, Badminton player PV Sindhu, are playing exceptionally well and keeping hopes of further Olympic medals alive. 

India had never qualified for Fencing in the Olympics. Now for the first time, C A Bhavani Devi qualified for the fencing Olympics. Sadly she lost in the match. In the Equestrian category of the Olympics, Indrajit Lamba qualified in 1996 and Imtiaz Anees in 2000. Since then for the last 20 years, no Indian had qualified in Equestrian at the Olympics. Now Fouaad Mirza became the first Indian to qualify for the Olympics.

How Air Conditioning Is Warming The World

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 The News Cover: This June was the hottest in American history. The 116-degree heat melted power cables in Portland, Oregon, smashed previous temperature records. warms, more and more people are installing air conditioning. And without stricter efficiency standards, it could more than double between now and 2040. Globally, it's expected that 4 billion people will buy their first air conditioner by 2050. But air conditioning itself is a major contributor to global warming. It uses a massive amount of electricity and can leak potent greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, You actually will get into this pretty strong feedback effect where you know, it's hotter, people want more air conditioning, and it just gets worse and worse, Altogether, building operations, that is heating, cooling, and lighting, account for 28% of the world's total greenhouse gas emissions. That's more than the entire transportation sector. We realized that we were making progress on the transportation side, we were making progress on the generation side, but the elephant in the room was the fact that buildings used so much energy and emitted so much carbon and there was no real solution for it. 

But SkyCool, Gradient, and a number of other companies are working on it, figuring out how to apply new technologies to the traditionally inflexible heating and cooling industry, finance the upfront costs, communicate the value to property owners and make sure that it's all done equitably. The reason why people aren't adopting these technologies is that one, it's too much of a hassle, and two, it's too expensive. And so we set out to solve those two problems. We're trying to upgrade and modernize and digitize. How do you apply computer science to the problem of analyzing buildings? And if you can do that, can you get Wall Street and pension funds and infrastructure funds and the federal government to invest the trillions of dollars that we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? The energy that it takes to heat and cool buildings, and where that energy comes from, don't get a ton of attention, but this is how it works. AC runs on electricity, a lot of it. A small window AC unit can consume more power than four refrigerators, and central AC in a single home consumes more power than 15. While the U.S. electric grid is getting greener as more renewables come online, most of the country's electricity is still generated by fossil fuels, with natural gas being the most common. And in places like China and India, where the urban middle class is soaring and demand for AC units is too, their electric grids rely heavily on coal, the dirtiest fossil fuel of all. And so right now, between 5 and 10% of people in India have air conditioners. 

And by 2050, the expectation is that 70 to 80% of the population will. And so that's literally going to be almost a billion people that are going to buy air conditioners. Right now, air conditioning accounts for about 8.5% of global electricity consumption. And researchers have predicted that by mid-century, the global energy demand for cooling will overtake the global demand for heating. But currently, heating still reigns supreme in terms of energy use, and that's a big problem too. Central heating for commercial buildings and homes mainly relies on natural gas, which means a greener electric grid won't solve the problem here. Basically, we need to find a fundamentally different way to heat buildings. And while better insulation and ventilation should be implemented, the crux of the issue is how to electrify space and water heating. 

A lot of people are very familiar with the need to electrify cars and vehicles, but there's a much smaller focus on buildings. And there's been very slow adoption of existing technologies, that the current rate and pace that we're at, it will actually take 500 years to retrofit every home in America. And that pace is way too slow. Many companies in this space are particularly excited about heat pumps, an all-electric device that despite its name, can both heat and cool homes much more efficiently than traditional systems, and have seen technical improvements in recent years that allow them to work better in cold climates. Essentially, they work just like an air conditioner that can run in reverse. Basically what a heat pump does is it lets the internal refrigerant cycle go in both directions. 

And so it's the addition of a valve that can send the hot refrigerant to the indoor side instead of the outdoor side. It pulls heat from the cold outdoor air and it pushes it into your room. When it works as an AC, it pulls heat out of your room and then pushes it to the outdoors. You can plug it into your windows or walls or there are giant ones that you plug into your roof and the ventilation system of your building. But the key is they run on 100% electricity. Baird is CEO of BlocPower, a Brooklyn-based climate startup working to retrofit buildings in low-income neighborhoods. The company installs heat pumps for no money down and property owners pay BlocPower back over a 10 to 15 year period. These monthly payments are ideally offset by the energy efficiency savings that owners see on their energy bills. Heat pumps are two to four times typically more efficient than traditional technologies. 

That's a big win for the environment, especially when it comes to heating since tapping into the U.S.'s partially green electric grid is far better than the alternative. Even today, if you replace your fossil fuel heating system with an electric heat pump, given the carbon intensity of the electricity grid, you can reduce emissions by about 70%. As we move to a cleaner electricity grid that number will only get better. Romania's company, San Francisco-based Gradient, is building heat pumps that the customer can install themselves in their window, thereby eliminating high install costs, which Romanin says account for about two-thirds of a heat pump's total price.

Tokyo Games 2020 Opening ceremony commemorate victims of 1972 Munich massacre

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News Cover: now everyone across the globe was glued to their televisions as the opening ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics commenced. while the spectacle took place in one of the darkest chapters in Olympic history, resurfaced a minute of silence was commemorated for the victims of the Munich Olympics tragedy our next report tells you. what happened in 1972 and how after 49 years of weight families demands were met 49 years on one of the darkest chapters in Olympic history continues to haunt us the Munich Olympic games attack 5th of September 1972 a bright summer morning in Munich stands filled with excited fans teams nervously geared up for their games, but an unexpected event unfolded in the athlete's village Palestinian gunmen had taken members of the Israeli Olympic team hostage two of the athletes were shot dead right away. as the other athletes trembled in fear at the poorly secured accommodation center german security forces rushed to the site within 24 hours. the confrontation led to an exchange of fire killing nine more athletes and one German policeman five gunmen were also killed as they tried to take the rest of the athletes out of the country this came to be known as the Munich massacre the Olympic committee at the time decided not to stop or interrupt. 

the games for the past 11 summer Olympics, after the Munich games victims families have been calling on the Olympic committee to commemorate the unfortunate loss the Olympic committee even faced criticism for rejecting. the plea at the London 2012 games the year marked the 40th anniversary of the attack organizers argued that the ceremony was not a fit atmosphere for a tribute well this year something changed nearly half a century later the committee has chosen to give in to the demands at the opening ceremony of 2020 Tokyo Olympics the 11 Israeli athletes were remembered. with the moment of silence, Israel's newly elected prime minister Naftali Bennett took to Twitter expressing his appreciation calling the moment historic he welcomed the decision the move was also welcomed by relatives. of the victims interestingly some of them were in the stands during the commemoration as they tried to hold back their tears one widow said this is the moment we have waited for bureau report.

Gujarat HC Orders Hospital to Collect Sperm of COVID Patient

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The News Cover: In Vadodara, Gujarat, on 10 May a 32-year-old man had contracted the coronavirus and was hospitalized at the Sterling Hospital. His condition was very critical. He and his wife have been married for eight months. They were based in Canada. They returned to India in March 2021, as the man’s father had a serious heart ailment. After this, he contracted the virus and has been admitted to the hospital. Since he was unable to breathe he was put on the ECMO machine, which kept him stable. The wife was devastated when the doctors said that her husband would die within 24 hours. He had contracted Pneumonia and was suffering from multiple organ failure. 

Which is why he would not live for more than 24 hours. The wife was shattered as she envisioned starting a family with her husband. She was distraught. The wife then requested the doctors to extract her husband's sperm so she can get pregnant through IVF and have a child in her husband's memory. The doctors refused as the man was unconscious and they can not extract sperm without his consent. The wife then filed a petition in the Gujarat High Court and requested an urgent hearing on 21 July. The Court directed the hospital to collect the sperm. They collected the sperm and have stored it securely. The wife can then use the sperm for the IVF process when she wishes.

Parvovirus Infection Spread Among Chennai Dogs

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The News Cover: In Chennai, Tamil Nadu, several dogs were suffering from fatigue, vomiting, and bloody diarrhea. Upon testing them doctors found that the dogs tested positive for the Parvovirus. This is a virus that only affects dogs and is extremely contagious. In the last 3-4 weeks many dogs have gotten infected. Some have even died because of the virus. 

In May-June, there were around 130 cases of infection among dogs every day but now in July, the contagious virus is infecting 250 a day. The virus is very contagious. The virus spreads when a dog comes into contact with a dog's infected vomit, feces, etc. The infection can also spread when an infected dog socializes with other dogs. When infected fecal matter or vomit gets mixed with the soil, the virus can stay alive for up to a year. Dog owners must be careful when they take their dogs for a walk. There is a vaccine to protect dogs Parvovirus. 

It is given when the dog is 6 weeks old booster vaccines are given 3 times in 3-week intervals. However, the Parvovirus infection is rising among dogs because many people have delayed vaccination due to the lockdown. People who have pet dogs must get them vaccinated. As there is a huge risk of infection during dog walks. However, infection occurs even after vaccination but it is low in intensity. Also, Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary will conduct free vaccination for dogs from 21 July for 5 days. So do take your dogs for the vaccination.


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